Intolerance and Islam

It has been quite a while that moderates in islam in particular and all in other religions have been tolerating the extremists in Islam having their own way and moderates are hoping that someday everything would be alright. Toleration in the past has not yielded any good results either in Islamic world or elsewhere.

Islamic extremists need to understand that though they have been virulently opposing West and its culture, they have dependent on the West for every part of their living and their life style. Hate does not go very far but it boomerangs in the long run

It is not understood that how extremists have been cursing the west and others and yet adopting their culture in one way or other. They use their food, their drinks, their cars, refigerators and technology etc and even the medicines manufactured by them and yet decry them for their disintegrating values and culture.

Has any Islamic country contributed anything to the civilisation in the last few years but yet most of these countries get huge aid in dollar currencies. If the extremists live upto the aims or essence of their religion, they would be so much accepted by others and not shunned or avoided as of today. The moderates and the people in Islam would face stiffer conditions as was seen in Afghanisation in pre 2001era, if they do not challenge the extremists or speak out against them now.

History has shown that the people have been killed en masse whenever and wherever the extremists or ultras have been allowed to rule. Writing in Al Shourouk, Bassem Yousouf, an Egyptian comedian said that "We demand that the world respect our feelings yet we do not respect the feelings of others. We scream blue murder when they outlaw the niqab in some European country or prevent Muslims from building minarets, and yet these countries allow us (Muslims) full freedom of religion, allow building of mosques and display of culture".  

How many Islamic countries allow equal freedom to other religions?  They rather destroy the marks of other religions as it happened with Buddist statues in Afghanistan and is happening to many Churches in Egypt, Pakistan, Yemen. How Saudi Arabia does not tolerate any simple breach of Islam by people of other religion, is so well known to people who have lived there.

it is foolish on the part of countries like USA, UK and many other European countries that the Govt and its people do not show any disrespect or retaliation even if Christians have been badly treated in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistation. These countries have been trying to moderate the anger of their people rather than challenging the Islamic militants. But this would not remain forever. Hate begets Hate.
It is high time that there is a dialgoue between Muslims and Islamic zealots that excesses will not be tolerated and Islam and Prophet Mohammed is honored through good work, enhancement of culture and respecting the wishes of other religion.


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Comment Dear Mr. Jehangir
Thanks for your comments. Barring the events of 2002 in Gujarat, I would be happy to know other examples of any happenings vis a vis Muslims. Christians should have nothing to complain.Please give me any examples of any mosques or churches being desecrated.I am not afraid of any one.Give me examples and I would be happy to be apprised.If Godhra incident happened, then there was some reason for that.54 Hindu were burnt in the train and that triggered the entire problem some of which was worth condemnation.

Suresh Mandan
11-Dec-2012 09:32 AM

Comment Whatever Mr. Suresh Mandan wrote about Islam and gave the examples of Islamic countries everything fits well on India and Hindus as well . What is going on in india with muslims and christians . what is happening with mosques and churches , how come you did not dare to give examples for the situation in india .specially the situation in the province of gujrat. please do write something about india too . Balltharakay is gone . Dont be scared of cm moody . Write honestly .

m. jehangir
11-Dec-2012 07:09 AM

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