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The Taliban
by Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam Bookmark and Share
The Americans know that the Taliban is a threat to the United States of America, Pakistan and India. Actually we, the Indians have been suffering the excesses and dastardly deeds of the Taliban through Pakistan Occupied Kashmir in the Kashmir Valley and dastard acts all over India.

It is irritating and nauseating, and not surprising, the American special policy regarding Pakistan and talking about the dangers of the Taliban. The Taliban monster is the creation of the United States of America and Pakistan government (means the notorious ISI). They created this religious fundamentalist entity to fight the Soviet Russia troops which occupied Afghanistan in the name of communist ideology. The US poured through the ISI of Pakistan billions of dollars in the growth and sustenance of this evil group. When its purpose of driving the Russians out of Afghanistan was served, the US conveniently looked aside when the Taliban has occupied and ruled Afghanistan.
The same US encouraged Saddam Hussein of Iraq to wage war against Iran for eight years. But when the twin towers in New York we reduced to ashes in September, 2001 by terrorism, the US has awakened to the reality and started waging war against terrorism. In its fight against terrorism of Al-Quieda, it invaded Afghanistan. Iraq was also invaded to eliminate the same Saddam, whom it groomed earlier concocting false reports that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction.
The UK under the leadership of Tony Blair blindly supported the designs of the USA. They together got enmeshed in Iraq till today with the result of daily causalities to American and British soldiers taking place. When that attempt was not yielding any results, it desired to surge. Still Iraq is burning with no end to the sufferings of the Iraqis in sight.

The misdeeds and bungling of the USA in creating and nurturing the Taliban, encouraging and giving shelter to all terrorist outfits dubbing them as freedom movements, the starting of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost the world of nations a lot. And further differentiating Taliban as "good" and "bad" Taliban is height of ridiculousness. It poured billions of dollars as oil in these two wars of Afghanistan and Iraq and will be doing so.

But from where the US is getting so much money? Is it not from the rest of the globe? The recent melt down of global economy is the result of the bungling of financial “experts” of the USA. Every nation is facing the difficulties of this greed of the US financial misadventure. I personally do not understand why nations could not take steps to delink their economies from American economy. I do not know whether such step is impossible. But the American hegemony in every sphere is causing miseries to the rest of the nations. And how long India wants to toe the line of America without formulating its own foreign policy is not clear.
Sub-serving American interests in the sub-continent is not in the Indian interests. And the US never thinks or supports the policy that does not serve its own interests. By the misdeeds of the US, the Taliban further advances through the weakly-administered Pakistan to our borders in Kashmir (already happened), Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat and rest of India. Let us wish that the Talibanization of Pakistan takes place slowly.
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Comments on this Article

Comment Our perceptions vary, as you opined, Mr. rdashby.

Varanaasi Ramabrahmam
09/29/2012 02:01 AM

Comment The role of the US in Afghanistan and Iraq is clearly a matter of perception. One could also reason that the raising of a force to confront the Russian menace in Afghanistan was a good thing; though the consequences could never be foreseen at the time. Likewise, the invasion of Iraq to counter the threat of WMD, given Saddam's pedigree of war mongering and evasion, was based on the highest available intelligence at the time: and could be perceived as the right action under the circumstances.

All it takes is to consider what would have been the consequences if the US had not acted in the name of preservation of international democracy, not merely its own, including that of countries ithe region like India and Pakistan, if Afghanistan was left to come under Soviet control, and if Saddam was not checked. You will recall it was the First Gulf war that driove him out of Kuwait, which according to you, apparently, should have been conceded to Saddam, no questions asked.

The whole anti-US rhetoric is rampant mendacious opportunism, after the liberating event, that completely suppresses the role the US has played in preserving the peace and freedom not merely of its own people, again, as you see it, but the west as a whole, and that of democracies like India and Pakistan, and instead, in the relative stability that is the consequence of US intervention, to bite the very hand that brought it about by pointing to the chaos caused by the very people their action was intended to liberate as the direct fault of that very US intervention.

09/28/2012 20:53 PM

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