Aa Bail Mujhe Mar

It is just a fortnight back that I had been to Rajpal & Rajpal agency, to put an advertisement in Times of India for my ‘Unique Tutorials’.  Giving the material and the money to the agent, I felt easy and relaxed probably with a feeling that I had done my utmost duty towards my profession of teaching, as a tutor since two decades.
It was on Friday, July 20th of Year 1989,  under the Educational column that the matter was printed. The underlying idea behind this effort was to have additional enrolment of students and on experimental grounds I had also put “teachers also required”.
“Ring! Ring! …” There it was the next early morning of Saturday to give me a cozy start from the cozy bed of mine.
“Yes  6441349.” This was my number then in  Mumbai.
“Mam, it is regarding the advertisement in today’s Times. I want to register for Teachers Role in Unique Institute.
‘Oh! Here is my first teacher for enrolment.’ 

Then followed a couple more for the same for teacher’s  job. I noted down their qualifications, their experiences and their demands, with their address and phone numbers.

It was my first morning smile at the success of the response; I ironically smiled to myself, still having better hopes for some student enrolment, but in despair…!

Every tinker jolted me from my chair where I sat with my previously enrolled students. The number of teachers who really wanted to work as tutors were many, countless rather and ironically they were ready to work at even the meager amount, some to make both ends meet, some for pocket money and some for survival.
The process continued till 9.30 p.m and followed mildly for consecutive two days more. It was a real novel experience that a teacher should enroll not students but teachers. To my utmost surprise prominent personalities who held good jobs in Banks and in Schools too…..! I
’m sorry to disclose their identities with due respects.

My teaching career was thoroughly thankful to that auspicious day, for I learnt that day that teaching is learning. I’m thankful to the media which stimulates the thought waves and helps to know one’s place and worth in society. I’m not much displeased with the response. But it is my pleasure to talk to different people, meet new people with good qualifications and high educational caliber, but at what cost!
The smile that cheered with the morning sunshine quietly faded  away after the tiring calls before and after sunset.  But I made up for that with a better compensation for my own thought  review. I laughed saying to myself “Aa Bail Mujhe Maar”. For I paid the price for the smile which is worth so much!


More by :  Devi Nangrani

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