Indo Pak Conflict

He looked at me as if to say, why have you come here.

Whenever I am a little bored, or want to hear some gossip I go to meet this friend. This morning he looked cheerful but a little busy. Maybe he was getting ready for office work. Perhaps, I thought I should not have intruded so early.

'So India has defeated Pakistan ' he said smugly.
'Where, when?' I asked. 'In a war?'
'Of course a cricket match between the two countries is like a war'. 
I agreed, then said lamely:

'Oh the cricket match. The world cup. Why do they have so many World Cups?'
'Because it is, the cup that cheers' he remarked in grandiose fashion
'Cricket is now instant, T- 20,very soon we will have T-10, it getting exciting by the dozen.'.
'T Shirts?' I asked.
'You, damp squib' he said irritably.
'Anyway tell me what happened to that match?'
'India won of course' he snapped.
'And why may I ask is that so important?' I asked.
'Because you fool BECAUSE India beat Pakistan'.
'Is that enough, or is winning the Championship more important?'. 

For once he looked stumped.

'Ah well... you know beating Pakistan is very important. It is a grand victory in its own right."
'Why?' I asked.
'Now, don't ask stupid questions. Pakistan is our enemy'.
'Even in cricket?'
'Yes, of course' he said.
'An India Pakistan encounter in any thing is of historical importance'.
'What about squash?' I asked.
'Pakistan used to be world champions there' I said.
'I am not talking of gardening and farming my friend' he said .


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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