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Diet and lifestyle are the major factors that influence the health of the hair. Know that poor diet, improper diet-regimen, illness and deficiencies of any particular vitamin-mineral affects the quality of the hair. Hair problems like dandruff, thinning of hair, balding, premature graying etc. spoil the hair. A diet & regimen and a specific care can help you cope up the problem.

Diet & Regimen  (General)

  • Wake up early in the morning. Drink as much water as you can.
  • After a walk. Go to toilet regularly. Do not strain.
  • Few minutes of Pranayama, deep relax breath and light exercise.

Bath with splashing little water on head is good. Never put hot water above neck-region. Rub the hairs gently with a soft towel, better tie a towel to soak water. Shampooing the hair at regular interval is must for cleansing. When not-wet, after drying must apply hair-oil (mild warm) according to your hair type. Comb hair regularly.

Have a good breakfast, easy to digest lunch and simple dinner.

Foods (Do include/Prefer)

  • Fruits: Amlaki, coconut water, cucumber, khajoor, nuts, etc.
  • Vegetables: Green and seasonal vegetables as salads.
  • Cereals & Pulses: Mudga dal, soya bean, daliya, etc.
  • Spice, etc.: Ginger, haldi, gol-marich, methi, milk, buttermilk, honey, etc.

Foods (Avoid/Reduce)

Spicy-fried foods, junk items, canned foods, fermented items(sour curd, dhokla, idli, wine, etc.), too much of maida-besan items, stong foods, strictly avoid cold-drinks, too much of tea-coffee-alcohol-smoking. 

Regimen (Follow)

Plenty of water in daytime, intake of fruit juices at gaps, peace of mind, cheerfulness from within and optimism to be practiced.

Regimen (Avoid)

Avoid direct sunlight, chemical-colour dyes, dryer-heating, use of other person cap, helmet, etc. Do not be stressed up avoid staying awake till late-night (it aggravates vata and results GI disturbances, etc.) 

Some important hair care tips that may help you:

  • Application of luke warm oil on head with slow massage of scalp, not only nourish the hair with herbs, but also relaxes mind and nervous system.
  • Saloons – take a care, not to use other persons towel and infected combs, brushes, etc. Have a regular hair-cut or shaping.
  • Do not use chemical dyes or colours. Natural colour is the best. Do not experiment with your hair colour. Take care from drying, conditioning and other style – ways.
  • Never keep changing or trying different chemical shampoo or conditioners. It has a severe effect on your hair.
  • Must take special care to remove off dirts, dandruff, lice and fungal infection. Have wash atleast twice a week.
  • And yes, you can practice the nail-rubbing exercise..it is absolutely free with regard to whatsoever benefit it yields!

Its more important to know your hair type and take specific care for it:

Each one of us have specific hair and body type with specific challenges, which we should know of and adjust accordingly. Say, if by birth your hair is thin, dry and frizzy and prone to split−ends, you have Vata hair. And, if you have fine silky hair, tendency to sweat more you are prone to premature thinning or graying, - you are Pitta − predominant. And, if you are predominantly Kapha, your hair will tend to be thick, curly and oily. Knoweldge of this will help you decide your special hair-care:  For hair with vata−predominant, choose almond oil or sesame oil as the base oil. For pitta persons, cooling coconut oil or amla oil is the ideal choice. With kapha−predominant hair, sesame or olive oil base are good choices. Natural herbs based oil, shampoo are always better than chemical preparations.

Some simple tips – A final trimming!

A simple hair treat:
Mix amlaki, shikakai, bhringaraj, brahmi, mehndi powder, make a paste and apply over your scalp once a week for nourishing the hair roots. For dandruff, you can apply aloe-vera pulp over the scalp for few minutes prior shampooing. Use lemon juice or curd for pre-wash. For lice, use betel leaf (pan) boiled water in luke warm stage for washing. Apply camphor and neem mixed coconut oil. For, minor degree hair fall, adding few drops of eranda oil to your coconut oil may help. For dry hair: Do not shampoo a lot, nor dry, bleach. Take special care from pollution.

Tips for split hair:
Use wide toothed comb, use clips, band, etc. with precaution. Do not comb wet hair. Regular cut & trim. Brahmi or sankhpushpi base oil are good choice for anxiety based people who lose hair due to stress, short-temper,etc. And for, the problems not coping with simple tips you need a special treat. Keep in touch with the expert. 

Certain disease condition like hypo-thyroidsm, iron deficiency (anaemia), hyperacidity, hormonal disbalance also results specific hair problem, specific management is needed for the same. For genetic baldness, no absolute cure but an early precaution measures can be of much help.

Also know this with age, there is some hair-fall and change of hair-pattern, one need not worry much.

Aim: To care for the natural hair and correct the Vatta-Pitta vitiating conditions for a healthy hair glow.

May you be Healthy & Happy! 


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