Moment - Flash Fiction

In a moment there was one. Gone. In a moment one came. Went. In a moment the hyacinth flavour melted into vapid air. In a moment, me you were one. One in many, many in one. The sunflower was weathered into dust. In a moment.

Then they came, then they came in cars, trucks, vans. Uniformed, armed. Unarmed. They came in a moment. They left, in a moment. And the blood you see are moments. Of a ride they took. To capture radiating moments of war time.

All, happens in a moment. In love, are there moments? In death are there moments? In blood drops spattered are there moments? This is a story of moments.

The moment I was born they said he is going to blind (or is already blind). That was in a moment. Then for moments, which I think were inordinate days, I was given special diet, nursed, protected and looked after. They were all concerned, because I was blind, or going to be.

But I saw everything, believe me.
I saw their lust and their lies (especially when I grew up).
I saw their greed, their hatred. (All in moments).
They said he cannot go to school, because he cannot see. He is blind.
But I saw love, faith and wisdom.

All these happened in moments. Then I got a flash, an insight. It happened in a moment. I saw God and the Devil at the same time. In a moment. My parents were importunate. They pleaded that I should not be disturbed, because I could not see. But I am telling you again that I could see. I could hear as well and if given a bit of trouble I could fight.

These were moments of my life which I lived.
And all those glorious moments vanished.
I died in a moment.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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