The Bastard - Flash Fiction

I happened to walk down the road, when a man came up and said: Who are you?

I woke up to find that I was at home. I didn't know what happened in between. Later on I came to know, this is what happened. They brought me from the hospital after I was born. Then they realized I was not their child, by mistake I was exchanged.

I was told about this hard hitting reality years later. So, I walked out to look for the real (Parents). I turned my back on the people who reared me. But I was not the real me. I was an orphan, because some people turned their backs on me. Maybe I was abandoned! So I decided to come out in the wide open space.

I walked ahead, never looking back. I looked forward, shutting and opening eyes. But the real home eluded, the house of those who abandoned.

A crowd had gathered. They were looking down at the stream down the road at the right. The road was a short cut to the main town. It was called Jacob's ladder. A child is crying someone said. A voice was babbling. A baby. Some went down the marshy path. What they saw astonished them.

A baby was babbling or crying.
Then it suddenly gave a big smile.
What a cute kid someone said.

I was the child.
Second confession.
I was born a bastard.
The man who asked me the question 
    who I was, or am,
is something
I really want the answer to.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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