Breaking News!

'Allegations' my friend said excitedly.
'The claim to fame, being in the news, lies in making allegations!'.

I was a little nonplussed. Allegations, I thought, why will it lead to fame? I asked him so, in a slow innocent manner. I was used to my friend's sudden rush of excitement, bristling also with inane talk, so I got used to digesting them slowly.

'Because' my friend continued with aplomb,
'if you make them, then you are a news maker'.
'And what about the person alleged?' I asked triumphantly.
My friend for a while seemed to be on the back foot.
'Well, he will also be a news maker' he said in contemplative fashion.
'But that's not fair' I retorted, 'You should take his permission, prior to his being a news maker.'
"You are so trying. You don't understand. The person making the allegation will be the news maker. The person alleged will be the co-news maker'.
'But even then, you have to take his permission' I proclaimed.
'So exasperating. There is no question of permission. This is the right to freedom of expression'.
'Making allegations. Suppose he makes a defamation suit?' I asked.
'Then you have to take it in your stride. The risk factor is always there, in making allegations'.
'What risk factor?' I asked.
'You nit wit' he said.
'You must be prepared to fight till the last'.
'OK, let's put it in this manner' I said. ' The person who alleges, is the news maker, and the alleged is the news breaker!'.
'Exactly' my friend said.
'That is why we have Breaking News!'.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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Santosh Mishra
08-Oct-2012 10:37 AM

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