God, Stress, Dharma & Adharma

The misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the aphorism or mahavakya - Aham Brahmasmi - “I am Braham” and concept of “God” are responsible for the indolence, indifference, false self contentment, self righteousness, parasitic helplessness, inaction or fanatic actions and Stress. It is high time; we realize for our own blossoming, that God is an experience of self realization and not a matter of paranoid beliefs and delusions, with respect to His role in day to day individual gains and losses; as clearly stated in the 5th chapter of Gita. God is a phenomenon to be explored and experienced; that is all. It is like the freshness one experiences after bath. We do not believe or preach the others to believe in the experience of freshness!

God is indescribable; because; the word existence itself; is actually very deep and infinite! Existence of a stone, existence of electricity, existence of laser rays, existence of space, existence of time, existence of a bird, existence of a boy, existence of mind, existence of feeling, existence of thoughts all are described by a single word “existence”! As a result of ignoring the meanings of the word “existence”, the followers of so called atheism and theism amongst us; go on arguing endlessly and the truth i.e. the sense of satisfaction, unity, fearlessness, joy keep on eluding us.

Let us understand that The God does not exist and does not “non” exist! The God experience is beyond the routine, crude and restrictive meaning of the word “exist”!

God is indescribable by qualitative or quantitative languages due to innumerable attributes; and hence just termed God. One of the attributes of God is that; it forms the innate bond between us and others. But, since this bond is concealed within our subjectivity, ego, or individualism, we are ignorant of God. This ignorance, which is actually the lack of realization or experience; secedes all of us from the universe and one another, causing Stress and rendering us isolated, lonely, weak or violent within our core.  

Reorienting to this God through Namasmaran (which is the rationale and core of Total Stress Management) is the most fulfilling culmination of human life. Total Stress Management in turn, constitutes all the activities (perspective, policies, programs, plans and administration); to facilitate such culmination, by blossoming of one and all!

In other words; Total Stress Management involves; blossoming of individual and universal consciousness and behavior so as to create living conditions to accelerate this process of reorienting to God.

  • Total Stress Management is Dharma. 
  • Opposition to this process of unified blossoming; in thoughts, feelings and actions is Adharma.
  • Namasmaran consolidates our position in God and is Dharma.
  • The perception of harmony and unity of universe is one of the indications of realization of God.
  • The behavior in all walks of life (such as politics, economics, agriculture and nutrition etc.) to enhance this perception is Dharma.
  • Actions against this are Adharma.
  • Namasmaran reorients us to God and is Dharma.
  • The unconditioned acceptance, love and respect for the innate; blossoming consciousness in universe in general and in every heart in particular; are symptoms of realization of God.
  • The steps taken to nurture this are Dharma. The endeavor to jeopardize this; is Adharma.
  • Namasmaran reestablishes us in God and is Dharma.
  • The deep respect and commitment for motherhood, brotherhood, friendship and such sublime selfless relations is one of the features of realization God.
  • The conduct in tune with and to promote this respect and commitment is Dharma.
  • The tendencies to go against this constitute Adharma.
  • Namasmaran rejuvenates us in God and is Dharma.
  • The process of blossoming of objective consciousness and love; conquering petty considerations and vested interests; indicates realization of God.
  • The way of life to nurture this feeling in all walks of life; is Dharma.
  • The impulses, urges and cravings and their pursuits in opposite direction constitute Adharma.
  • Namasmaran empowers us to realize God and is Dharma.

The process of growing from subjectivity, pettiness, inertia, fear, insecurity, loneliness, hatred, jealousy, contempt, arrogance, vindictiveness, melancholy, frustration, defeatism, cynicism, escapism; to objectivity and unifying the core of all beings is the process of orienting to God. The actual involvement in this process and its strengthening in all walks of life is Dharma.  Conspiracy to oppose this process is Adharma. Namasmaran reinforces our conviction in God and is Dharma.

God and Dharma are present ubiquitously. They keep blossoming with various proportions in different individuals and at different times and in different places, irrespective of whether a person calls himself or herself; a theist or an atheist and of one religion or another.  Namasmaran is a way (that we are more familiar with and accessible to every one at literally no cost); of realizing God and Dharma within and outside. While enjoying this golden opportunity of Namasmaran to the best of our capacity, we can see and participate in Total Stress Management i.e. Dharma; which is imminent, inevitable and irresistible.
Namasmaran empowers us; to be participate in Total Stress Management embodying holistic perspective, policy making, plans, programs and their implementation, in personal and social life (Dharma); and conquer StressORS and Stress (Adharma); and to meet or merge (Yoga) with our true self (God)! Namasmaran also frees us from fanatic and regimentalized paradigms (Adharma) and we begin to appreciate that; the needs (normal and physiological i.e. conducive to self realization) of individuals and societies; vary at different stages; and in different circumstances of life; and also as per individual variations; thus; beliefs, struggles, protests, philanthropy, reservations, escapism etc. have a temporary place in an individual and a society, as per the degree of evolution.

Neither the believers nor the disbelievers are free from Stress. The conflict between belief and disbelief; petty self and universal self, inside (the needs, instincts, feelings and thoughts) and outside (personal and social behavior); and the resultant Stress; continue to trouble till the believers and nonbelievers are trapped in petty self. However, when the believers and nonbelievers evolve into selfless, independent and universal self, through “freedom” from petty self, the Stress inside (needs, instincts, feelings and thoughts) and outside (personal and social behavior) begins to disappear!

To ascertain and experience this; we should give top priority to practice and propagation; of Namasmaran, amidst rest of the hustle and bustle of life.

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