'Now the IPL is going to start all over again' my friend sighed.
'What's there to feel disconsolate about? Your voice sounds that it is a sad event' I remarked.
'Of course not' my friend rasped.
'It is one of the greatest sporting events in the world. So much glamour, money...' his voice faded, almost quivering.
'What has money to do with it? You are not getting it!'.
'Enough!' said my friend.
'It puts India and the ICC as one of the richest owners of the world'.
'In cricket?' I asked.
'Of course!'
There was silence. Surely the conversation was getting nowhere. I broke it.
'Look' I said 'instead of spending so much money, we could give it to the poor'.
'The poor' he scoffed. 'What will they understand?'.
'They will' I pleaded. 'They understand money'.
'Yes' my friend sighed once again.
'Let's do something about making the poor richer, and the rich poorer' he said excitedly.
'How can this be done?' I asked.
'Simple. Just rob the rich and and then donate the money'.
'Is this lawful?' I asked.
'My friend, if it is not, it is at least gleeful'.
'So, no IPL?' I asked.
'No, he said. We have to think of the BPL.
'What is that?' I asked.
'Below poverty line. And also ILP'.
'What is that, again?' I asked.
'Inner Line Permit. We need ILP for IPL, their movements to restrict them, so that the BPL get benefited!'.
'IPL, BPL, ILP' the letters swarmed in my mind like droning bees.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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