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Does God exist? If yes, does God have gender? Is He/She/It like us having hands, legs, eyes, heart, ears, nose or is He (using He for convenience throughout) different? Is He a mere concept? Everyone of us have our own perception and imagination about The Almighty. Some see Him in stones, some in sky, some in temple, some in themselves, some in soul, some in everything and some in nothing and some in some other things or beings.

Nowadays, I think, we are binding God in terms of temples, prayers, devotion, donation, power, soul, religion, etc. Religion in the sense, God of Hindus, God of Muslims, God of Christians.

Here I remember a wonderful quote by a great poet Hafez:

"I have Learned so much from God that I can no longer call Myself a Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jew."

In fact God never demands for such physical or material requirements nor does He ask to find Him. 

Nowadays the definition of ‘live’ and ‘life’ has changed a lot. People think that they have life just once so live it fully. They say lets earn money, let’s drink, smoke, cheat, lie, hurt, break, destroy, have fun, let’s live.

I am not here to decide what good, bad, truth, prevarication is. Everyone has to decide his own way of ‘living’ in once acquired ‘life’. All I want to say is that instead of running behind God we must walk on the paths laid by Him.

I cannot stop myself from sharing some words which continue to inspire me in my journey.

je ka ranjale ganjale tyasi mhne jo aapula
tochi sadhu olakhava dev tethechi janava.

(The one who considers the poor and troubled as his own 
  is identified as gentle and the God resides in him).

And the other:

shodhisi manva rauli mandiri
Dev ha nandato aapulya antari.

(Man, you search for God in temples,
but God does reside in our own mind and soul).


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