For the record, I was raised in a Christian home and both of my parents were ordained hellfire and brimstone Pentecostal Ministers. Still, I could never get into the concepts of Heaven and Hell. I couldn't figure out how they had anything to do with a daily loving relationship with my creator. Then one day I got down on my knee's (I thought it was important at the time) and I said a prayer. It went like this:

"Lord, I don't want paradise
When I die.
I want a mountain now
So everyone will see
Your glory
In the everyday things
I do."

And the lord answered my prayer because my life has been one uphill battle after the other ever since. They say you should be careful what you wish for; because you just might get it. I think they should add you should be careful what you pray for too.

Prayer is an amazing thing. It comforts the bereaved, Gives hope to the hopeless, Lends strength to the weak, Calms the shaken, Focus's the mind, Humbles the powerful, Reduces stress,....the list of benefits could go on forever.

Prayer has been credited with curing every horrible affliction known to mankind. From inoperable cancer to speaking French. If someone has prayed over it you'll find someone else that was cured. Now what else on this planet can claim that?

What other force on Earth can bring people together for the sole purpose of petitioning the creator of us all on another persons behalf? If you've ever seen a prayer group in action then you'll understand how prayer brings beauty to a species that is often looked upon in a bad light.

If prayer could be bottled and sold as a medicine you can bet the farm it would be too expensive for the average Joe to afford.

But its free.

And that's the most beautiful thing of all.

Anyone, young or old, black or White, In need or not, can call upon it at anytime. All one has to do is focus the mind and start something like this:

"Lord, Remember that mountain I prayed for when I was young and foolish? I was just wondering if it had a backside so I could coast downhill for awhile."  


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