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Why Kejriwal is Not Likely to Succeed
by Suresh Mandan Bookmark and Share

India is a strange country now. Gone is the fervour of nationalism which was found in the days before Independence and few years thereafter. Gone is selfless attitude of the people, when right was considered sacrosanct and people rallied around it. The days of fighting for the right and fighting for the people are almost over. Dharmayudh has no relevance today in communal minded Samaaj of the country. Money and Lust for power is a supreme today and cry for honesty, uprightness and transparency is a cry in the wilderness.

It is not understood how Arvind Kejriwal, an IRS officer left a comfortable job leaving his equally qualified wife and children to the vagaries of politics. It requires a great moral strength and selfless spirit to wage an almost single handed war against a monolith political party(s) who have tentacles spread to all the niches of power in the country. Hats off to such a lone crusader.

Lone warriors without mass support generally do not beget success so easily. Gandhiji was not alone to fight the British. He was only an agent, the people were his army and no Empire can fight against the will and wall of the people. Many heroes from Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose to Bal Pal and Lal had laid down their lives to creat a platform for Gandhi and Nehru to succeed, though they were the only people who got credit. There were countless lone warriors during the Independence movement who have died unwept and unsung. There has been a change in the Arab (though it is change for the worst to come) world only because the masses came out in hordes and hordes but today some others like Muslim Brotherhood or the fundamental Salafists are reaping the harvest.

The Congress is like the British strong with all the money in the world, corruptly united, powerful with all like minded people pulling together to thwart any opposition to their political dictatorship. The Congress can be likened to any dictator who wants to stick to the power. Congress is the weakest party and insecure because of its deeds and hence wants to go down fighting as Manmohan Singh the PM said in one of his rare speech of bravado.

Kejriwal should have read history of wars against corruption before embarking on this path. Today people have become immune to wrong doings and are tired of fighting on this issue. Barring a few activists Kejriwal does not enjoy the support of the people. He says he is fighting for the people but where are the people? Why the poor masses who are in majority in India have not come forward to support his call. Kejriwal has forgotten that the people in India have only one interest and that is vested interest. The media which has highlighted his fight is doing this in its own interest. No doubt there are some spirited mediamen, anchors and news reporters who have done their best and at a great risk to expose the ill doings of the ruling party but they are in microscopic minority and minority except the Muslims in India do not have any weight.

Kejriwal was fine till he exposed Vadra. But neither Vadra is going to be hanged nor the Congress party or Hooda Government in Haryana is going to say sorry. With the passage of few months this would pass off like a bad monsoon and Kejriwal would find himself in a sorry plight. By opening front against Salman Khurshid, Kejriwal has opened another front but closed down his front at Delhi. But how does he visualise that he can succeed at Farrukkabad? Things have already been communalised in this town of fine pottery and Kejriwal perhaps would not find a place for sitting on Dharna. Salman has already the support of Congress party and to add to his strength is the support of Moulana Mulayam who has reputation of never standing for anything where he has no personal interest.

People in India, particularly the right minded, have learnt to go with current mood of the people. See what the upper middle class and the rich are doing. Fortify your own "Qilla" send your children abroad,asking them not to come back and gradually transfer your interest to the other land and just keep a cursory glance on the happenings in the motherland. The wise know that it is futile to fight against anything in India. It is no more a class country but a crass country. Let nature take its own time, like it took in the case of oppressive regimes, dictators and corrupt politicians.

We all wish that Kejriwal should succeed but there are doubts that he would even get a small credit for all that he has been doing for the people. The people really have short memories.

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Comments on this Article

Comment Will my people now appreciate the stand taken by Anna &Kejriwal.SC has vindicated them.Unless the LOKPAL bill is passed as drafted by the ANNA Group we will never come out of the clutches of the corruptY

04/30/2013 09:50 AM

Comment Thanks Tagoreblog
Wish I could do that. I do not doubt the intention and determination of Mr. Kejriwal but the huge obstacles he faces can sap one's energy. Let's see what happens in the next one/two months.

10/20/2012 13:16 PM

Comment 'Jodi tor dak shune keu na ase tobe ekla chalore' - if nobody responds to your call then go alone. - Gandhiji's most favourite Tagore song composed during the swadeshi movement in Bengal. If Kejriwal falls then you take up his flag, Mr.Mandan!

10/20/2012 01:06 AM

Comment Dr Gopal Singh
I am an ardent supporter of Kejriwal,and all that is good for India.One becomes pessimistic when every morning you see that evil gaining over the good, and something that is good for the country is put on the backburner.People like Kejriwal become frustrated in the long run when they do not get the support they require. I live in USA but my mind is always on events in India

10/18/2012 13:59 PM

Comment Do not be so dismayed!

If Manmohan Singh can fight to the last breadth for a corrupt Congress Party, then why can't we do the same for the cause we believe in. If you support Kejariwal, he will have one more supporter! Support him in any way you can.

The irony is that the very poor (un-empowered) that we fight for are ignorant of the struggle and support the corrupt as they fall for their temptations. Kejariwal is counting on people like us who understand him and his quest to end corruption. Those concerned within the empowered middle class have the ability to lead a peaceful revolution and bring about the change. We should have enough courage to not give up and sound pessimistic.

It is better for us to go down fighting against corruption than to improvise exodus to escape from it. That would be abandoning India. Then what is the difference between us and the corrupt who are pillaging their motherland.

10/17/2012 18:50 PM

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