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Kejriwal’s Credibility Invites Questions
by Dr. Rajinder Puri Bookmark and Share

During Anna Hazare’s primary fast at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar it was speculated in these columns that his endeavor suited Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in as much as it diverted public attention from ongoing corruption cases to the Lokpal Bill. Some doubt was raised about Team Anna’s political affiliations. On June 4, 2012 it was pointed out in these columns:

“It is universally accepted that the most powerful politician in the UPA is Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. According to popular belief the PM cannot move an inch without her blessing. How odd, then, that Team Anna can wax eloquent about all ministers and the PM but not one Team member even once has dared utter the name of Mrs. Gandhi…

Arvind Kejriwal quite understandably demands investigation by an independent agency to probe alleged corruption of cabinet ministers including the PM. Admittedly Mrs. Gandhi is not in the cabinet. But is her power and share of decision making in doubt? And does not the fact that Switzerland’s most influential journal categorically stated that a Swiss bank account of over 2 billion US dollars in the name of Rajiv Gandhi existed, the fact that a former official KGB Commission member Yevgenia Albats has written in her doctoral research book that the KGB funded Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the fact that an official spokesperson of the Russian government acknowledged to media that such funds were indeed paid by the Soviet government to Mrs. Gandhi in order to protect its foreign policy, merit in the view of Kejriwal an investigation by a credible agency?

It may be considered unfair to doubt the integrity of Team Anna. But to dispel such unhealthy speculation there is a simple solution. Let Team Anna demand an investigation of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in the same manner as it does of 14 cabinet ministers. It is an easy litmus test. Will Team Anna take it?”

Much water has flowed under the bridge since then. But recently for the first time Mr. Kejriwal after separation from Mr. Anna Hazare launched an attack against Mr. Robert Vadra based upon an earlier media report.

The real depth of the Dynasty’s commitment to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law is not quite clear. Doubts about Mr. Kejriwal’s affiliations were not fully dispelled. After attacking Mr. Vadra, Mr. Kejriwal in a newspaper interview had sympathetic words for Mr. Rahul Gandhi and fulsome praise for the late Rajiv Gandhi. He described the late leader as one who best understood the real problems of India.

Soon attention was partially diverted from Mr. Vadra to Law Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid who became Mr. Kejriwal’s latest target. A TV channel’s expose was seized by Mr. Kejriwal to launch his frontal attack against the Law Minister. Mr. Kejriwal occupied Parliament Street and wowed to stay put till Mr. Khurshid resigned or was sacked from office. He sent a letter to the Prime Minister with his demand and announced that he would take the next step after receiving a response. No response came. But then on that same day, October 15th, a curious sequence of events occurred.

Congress General Secretary Mr. Digvijay Singh alleged on TV that around 2005 Mr. Kejriwal was introduced to him by Swami Agnivesh while all three were in America. According to Mr. Digvijay Singh Mr. Kejriwal sought his recommendation for induction in the National Advisory Council headed by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Swami Agnivesh endorsed Mr. Kejriwal’s request. Mr. Singh did the needful but Mrs. Gandhi did not oblige.

Within a few hours of this news Mr. Kejriwal denied Mr. Singh’s allegation but he suddenly also announced the suspension of his protest against Mr. Khurshid in Delhi. He decided to shift it to the latter’s parliamentary constituency in Farrukhabad.

From this it appears that the resignation demand has been given up and the battle is postponed to the next election at the hustings.

That is not all. Mr. Kejriwal also reiterated subsequent to Mr. Singh’s allegation his decision to expose the alleged corruption of the BJP President Mr. Nitin Gadkari on the following day.

These inexplicable decisions not surprisingly have raised a few eyebrows.

People cannot be blamed if the sudden twists and turns taken by Mr. Kejriwal create doubts in their minds about where he really stands. The politics of change is very serious business. Mega media publicity is a heady intoxicant. But if unaccompanied by solid achievement it can result in an awful hangover.

Perhaps Mr. Kejriwal and his colleagues need to pause and introspect. Are they on the correct course? Undeniably they are destroying the credibility of the political class. But are they successfully building up their own credibility?

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Comments on this Article

Comment "PRIA-ADR-Kabir-India Vision Foundation- Anahad…ad infinitum are like intricate web weaved by the FF-Dutch warp and woof to create a situation that India’s peaceful rise is disturbed. They maight be intending that with the popular protests fizzling out over the issue of corruption; anti-imperial, anti-American protests would fail to garner steam at a time when the US has launched return to Asia strategy in the year 2010.
Arvind Kejariwal is a small cog in this gigantic American intricate machine that has started rolling again in Asia to reassert imperial control through machinations. Kejariwal must be made to respond and come out clean as to his financiers-overt as well as covert- and their game plan.AK was propped up at a time when the issue of black money stashed away abroad was gaining upper edge in public discourse.It is through the Offshore financial centres that the globalization of finance operates and the hegemony of the US and its lackeys is perpetuated. By effectively downsizing BJP and Ramdev's campaign to bring back Indian money from OFCs, AK won accolades in the US administration.

UPA government is giving AK a free ride with expectation that in the next election, he and his network of US-Dutch funded Indian NGOs may tilt discourse of anti-incumbency. Their mission is to make the BJP , an opposition party get painted with the same brush as the Congress and the UPA. If the new party of AK could slice even 4-5 % of anti-incumbency vote, the swing from Congress to BJP can be thwarted and that might allow the Congress to retain power in some new permutation and combination.During 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Congress received 28.7% vote while BJP received 18.82%. The Congress had gained only 0.5% more than its vote in the year 1999, but it gained 91 more Lok Sabha seats in comparison with 1999. Even if the AK and his team duly funded with foreign money and supported by the Congress-led government and the agencies, receive 5% vote in the urban centres, it can affect the BJP's winnability which has support base more in urban centres. Political and electoral analysts like Yogendar Yadav would plan such a fortune for the Congress. Kejariwal himself is a scam and he needs to be packed up. Its the end of manufactured drama. "
Excerpts from Ford Foundation, Hivos, Panos and Dutch Embassy-
Is Kejariwal an American agent?

10/23/2012 07:30 AM

Comment Arvind kejariwal is a media created sustained social activist turned politician.His activism on Lokpal (save the independent investigation agency) is idiotic because of the simple reason that it will not convict any of our crooked politicians/bureaucrats and also will not help in collecting back all their loot to government funds.Right now the country has enough laws to prosecute and convict the crooks.What we are short of are honest,highly capable,resourceful private citizens who will file cases in our courts to collar the corrupt,honest officials who can rein in the crooks,Independednt news channels/newspapers even one or two are suffice.The 4 english media news channels and all the english news papers are all part of the corrupt ruling class.The biggest danger with Kejariwal is that he and his jolawala brigade will make a mockery of fight against corruption and that will be a monumental tragedy.What is the way out? The learned middle class must unite and vote where ever elections are held.Support criminal cases filed in courts against the high and mighty by the likes of DrSwamy.Unless the courts collar these crooks put them in tihar and their loot confiscated , no other message will be obeyed by the crooked classes.Our criminal judicial system needs to work.Rest are all hot air,kejriwals movement can even turn out to be a nasty fart.

10/19/2012 01:38 AM

Comment Dear Puri sir, Kejariwal has just one head and is it fair to judge his judgement. He shall succeeed only if he gets support from Aam Admi like us. If intentions are good, success does follow. Imagine politicians want his 'blood'. In such a situation he has to wade through the sea of corruption, a sea filled with sharks with evil intentions. He is fighting against all odds.

Kumarendra Mallick
10/18/2012 22:04 PM

Comment Thank you Mr. Murthy, correction has been made!

My Word
10/18/2012 11:46 AM

Comment Dear Mr. Mallick, I am not doubting Mr. Kejriwal's intentions but his judgment. I want him to succeed. I wrote: "Perhaps Mr. Kejriwal and his colleagues need to pause and introspect. Are they on the correct course? Undeniably they are destroying the credibility of the political class. But are they successfully building up their own credibility?" As for my stand on corruption, I think it best to let the record peak for itself. Let anyone curious enough to acquaint himself with the record of an unimportant person such as myself search it by himself.

My Word
10/18/2012 10:32 AM

Comment A small correction - Much water has (flown) flowed under the bridge since then.

BS Murthy
10/18/2012 10:07 AM

Comment Dear Mr Puri, why do you doubt the intentions of Arvind Kejariwal? How can one man shake a mountain of corruption! But he has started to sweep the thick dust of evil deeds by poticians cutting across parties.
I wonder what is your stand against corruption?

Kumarendra Mallick
10/18/2012 09:18 AM

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