The Missing Friend - Flash Fiction

He never liked people being called by the names of animals. But they called him 'Toady' another 'Froggie', another Billy Goat. They would taunt these teachers, and almost make them cry.

One day Gerogie cried. They said:

'Georgie Porgie Pudding And Pie'.

He wondered what was wrong with his class mates. He despised most of them.

'Girl' they shouted. 'Can't jump'. Girl. He swore revenge. He would come first in class. But, that he couldn't achieve.

But in their midst was a doe eyed boy. He was Syam. He always looked sad.

Hardly did Shyam smile. One day, as he sulked in a corner of the class Shyam smiled, as if to say everything would be fine. But, most of the time Shyam looked very sad, and hardly spoke. Could you believe it? he told his parents. 'Shyam, just does not speak'.

One day Shyam was absent in class.

The class teacher said: 'Boys, today I am going to speak of someone in your class, who is not present...'.

They all knew it was Shyam.

Shyam had a miserable life, his parents would be drunk- mother an ineterate drinker- this would be the last year of Shyam in the school- they were leaving-

He never saw Shyam again after the academic year was over. Next year as he joined a new class, and the boys all converged to talk excitedly about the winter holidays, and how they spent it - a shadow lengthened across the classroom.

Shyam, of course was missing.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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