Malala Knows- Essay in Poem

What is the price we have to pay, for fighting for rights?
Malala knows. Who is Malala?
A young girl, fourteen or fifteen.
Is she Indian?
Doesn't matter.
Malala knows, her father knows.
London knows, the whole world.

What is the price?
Nothing much, some
bullet gun shots.
Now hospital doctors
are fighting with her
to stave her off death
and defeat.

Malala knows.
Little little Malala
with her pretty bespectacled

Malala knows.
What is she fighting for?
Education rights for the girl child.
Why did they shoot her?
Malalal knows.
They know.

Who are they?
The world knows.
Is she Indian or Pakistani?

Doesn't matter.
The whole world knows.
And Malala.

Tell me, in the first place
why did they shoot her?
Damned, she wanted education
for girls like her.
If she lives, will she continue?
Her fight?

Malala knows.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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