Automatic Record Players

When I was a child, automatic record players fascinated me. They fascinated me because they can play records by themselves. They don't need people to move the arms back and forth. Automatic record players are also called record changers.

Records are placed on spindles. The record players drop them one by one and play them. 45 RPM records require adapters.

Records also fascinated me. I found it fascinating that words and music could be stored on vinyl discs.

Some automatic record players have size switches. Others have feelers or sensors. Size switches have 7", 10" and 12" selections. Record players with feelers and sensors can play all three record sizes without the aid of size switches.

Eric Waterworth was the man who invented the automatic record player. Without his brilliance, record changers and jukeboxes would not exist. Waterworth invented the automatic record player in 1925. He lived in Hobart, Australia.

I got my first automatic record player in 1980 when I was eight years old. It was nice but it only played 33 and 45 RPM records. It couldn't play 78 RPM records. When my grandparents gave me some 78 records, I couldn't play them. That frustrated me.

Yes, it's true that records and record players are now out of date. But I still play records and enjoy them.


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