Free or Bound?

"When are you going to be free?"

As you waited for me to respond, I marvelled at the silence that ensued. Where does bondage end and freedom begin? One more question had surfaced.

Looking around for an answer I paused and found my vision getting arrested at the horizon. A few clouds sauntered aimlessly. Could they solve this dilemma, I wondered. Weren’t the clouds free to go whenever and wherever and also free to just hang around there doing nothing?

A whisper pulsated in the void around me. Where, if at all, does freedom exist?

“Search binds a seeker to the sought. Trail binds the gypsy and so does the travel.” 
I listened intently to the clouds as they drifted farther away and so did my gaze trailing them. As if charmed into this journey, wherever they went the horizon was all around them only to move ahead and yet surrounding them all around. Unmindful of this ever-present, ever-extending limit of horizon the clouds just sauntered away.

Were they bound or were they free?

And then I found you gazing into my eyes and we too marched ahead… neither bound nor free!

in a branching maze
evening breeze


More by :  Dr. Vidur Jyoti

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