Religion and Yoga

Religion has always been a source of conflict and tension around the world. In fact being religious should be a source of inspiration and wellness. Once we get identified by religion, caste and creed we suffer. What is religion and what is the science behind religion? Religion is something we follow religiously in our life. The science behind religion is how we do our karma to our body after death. If one is in awareness he will understand the principles of the karmic ritual to our deceased body. Each religion follows their karmic ritual to the dead ones and it has it own manifestation. 

There were few great spiritual leaders and their teachings have undergone various interpretations by learned folks and it transcribed into the sacred texts like the Bible, Koran, and Gita etc. All religions teach the same moral principles and virtues. There has to be a comparison of religion to be conducted at every school and institution and this will result in understanding each religion and we can share the good things that the spiritual leaders have taught and ignore the teachings that do not make sense. 

In fact India and neighboring China or Tibet have been blessed by the powers of Himalayas and there have been great spiritual sages, siddhas, saints and spiritual leader and they have initiated Yoga and looked deeply to inner nature of human body and beyond and the Yogic Vedic teachings transcribed in to religion Hinduism and Buddhism. Realized Yogis like Patanjali, Buddha, Dalai Lama, Sankaracharya, Krishna, and Osho were all realized only in India due to the powers of Himalayas. Even Jesus they say whether it is the fact or not, but the truth is that he might have been initiated into Yoga and received his teaching in Himalayas India in his unknown 17 years when he was not in Jerusalem. 

So we Indians are blessed and get a feeling that Hindu religion has all tolerance and embraces all religion. In fact if you go to roots, if we follow Yoga in our life every individual in this planet will feel the oneness and experience themselves as part of everybody. Currently there are great spiritual leaders, realized masters in India like Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev who founded the Isha Yoga center in Coimbatore and Ravi Shankar of Art of living who are initiating people around the world in to yoga and folks are experiencing the inner peace or freedom. There are other Sufis leaders like the Khans who are really transforming folks around the world into yoga and finding inner peace and wellbeing and all these Sufis leaders have learnt the Vedas, Yoga from institutes established in India.

Science has proved that the entire existence is one energy manifested in different forms. Human beings all have the same form of energy but in different intensity. Modern science has also concluded that Matter and Energy are one and the same and the entire universe is one explosion of sound energy. Modern Science has proven that if we do not have tongue the only letters we can pronounce are AUM. The same sound AUM exists in outer space.

Out of emptiness in space you see stars and galaxy forming and finally collapsing to nothingness or emptiness. Shiva in his unmanifested form or Rupa is emptiness, nothingness or Shoonya and the unmanifested energy state is termed to be Purusha or Masculine. Shiva in its manifested state is Prakriti (Creation) or nature and the manifested energy state is termed as Shakthi or Feminine. When the unmanifest manifests itself in to the creation there is always a duality of energies in the creation. At an instance of time or Brahma, life is created and due to the duality in nature there is a leela and we experience life. Life is maintained by Vishnu which is a manifestation of life energies in to higher forms. We evolved from single cellular organism in to multi cellular organism and evolved as a Human being. The creator is within us and through Yoga which literally means union; we can be the Creator and experience the Creation as ours or in other words we can realize God or the divinity in us. 

Yoga is an ancient science of India and it literally means Union. The four main types of yoga are Karma Yoga (Selfless Action) Bhakthi (Devotion) Yoga, Gnana(Intelligence) Yoga, Kriya (Subtle energy) Yoga. We as a human being are made up of four components – Body, Mind, Emotions and Energy. Through Yoga we can bring in a union of our Body, Mind, Emotions and energy by controlling or channeling the subtle energies or prana. We are subjected to both Animal and Divine nature. Through Yoga we can align all the four components Body, Mind, Emotions and Energy with the Divine. God is our inner self and once we bring in our awareness or consciousness to higher dimensions, we experience god or blissfulness.

So why are we fighting about religion or divided by religion, why not a peaceful world with one consciousness? World can be peaceful only if one can find inner peace and only through Yoga one can attain the inner peace. It is of great importance to find a Guru who can initiate you in Yoga. Yoga is not just twisting your hands and legs. Meet a realized master or a Guru and he will initiate you into Yoga. So being a Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, or Christian, if we do not understand the yogic science of living then it is a shame and false sense of identification.   


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Comment I really admire the insights provided in this article by Meena Ji.

Two of friends are searching for a Yoga Guru.
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Please message the contact details at kuber@kolabnow.com.


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