Intellectuals, Isms, Rulers & Common Citizens!

Many intellectuals feel that they know more and expect the common man or aam aadmi or normal lay man to follow their thoughts and side their interpretations without questioning.

Most of them are so arrogant that they consciously believe in their superiority compared to normal citizen and sermon, profess and dictate the citizens to do this, not to do this, do not follow this religion, that thought
, like and issue statements accordingly.

But they always forget that common man many times, may not be an intellectual but common man's commonsense is much more superior to these pseudo intellectuals and rationalists. Common men are also equally capable of path-changing or path-breaking with more sincerity and rigor compared to these arm-chair elite individuals.

For common man it is life and death struggle daily; for the intellectual it is a mere sport to mind to contemplate about, think, lecture,to write etc., the various philosophies, thoughts, theories, and for them it is a mere profession and never a life and death struggle.

Let common men who do not belong to any established thought-system to individually and independently probe and get solutions to present day problems.

All the thoughts till today are old, and only an observer of present times can compare past, present and imagine future and accordingly may come out with new solutions not mentioned by any of the existing philosophies, religions, ideologies, cultures, and the like sociological thought systems.

Psychology builds sociology.

Let us use and let others use their minds afresh and not bother them with our favorite thought systems.

Let us live and let live. Let us contemplate and let others too contemplate.

Never let us do the mistake of presenting our favorite thought as panacea for all social, religious, and the like ills.

If we do not have an open mind let us keep quiet.

Let fresh thought processes blossom and find answers and solutions to many of our self-created inconveniences and problems.
No financial or political system is beyond mismanagement by its greedy country men. Whether it is capitalism, socialism, communism, pseudo communism (China), monarchy, democracy or any political or like systems the individuals are capable of ruining their country's fabric as pests destroy crops.

But no system seems to be foolproof from the exploitation by the rulers, their kith and kin and other
s involved in the management and decision making in relation to government policies and development deeds.

Unless the fear of severe punishment sinks into the hearts of these exploiters of resources meant for national growth, nothing deters them from being criminals and offenders of financial scams, land acquisition mafias, real estate developers, deceiving poor farmers and citizens by all evils means.

Especially in a country like India where poverty rules many citizens, the poverty stricken citizens continue being lured and allured by the false promises and free bees of the vote-catching politicians in league among themselves together with unscrupulous bureaucrats, corporate "bigwigs" and like-minded other selfish citizens.

Only moral and patriotic instructions given through school and college and University education helps in some way.

Religions which can play a role here are unfortunately are hijacked by fundamentalists and parents long time back abdicated their responsibilities of bringing up their offspring.

The role models to most youth in India are individuals who amass money in any way including all illegal and immoral ways.

The youth have role models in cricketers, cine stars, models, the romantic celebrities, and criminals.

No scientist, professor, writer, poet, musician, or like individuals are neither available to influence the youth or the youth is not interested in such character-building.

Character-building together with instillation of fear of punishment for wrong-doing against nation or society, like the anti-social or like criminal offenses is absolutely necessary. All civilized nations must assure this. Democracy should not become a tool in the hands of self-serving individuals; the politicians, their kith and kin, beaurocrats, coroporate giants with no patriotism, and the like criminals together with fundamentalists and "rationalists" sans rationality.

Nation and society are superior, grander and Divine and the individuals must subserve them and must not be allowed destroy the fabric of nation and society for their ulterior motives and selfish ammassing of money and evasion of taxes.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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