Lap of Mother

Those old days still haunts Rakesh like nightmare. He used to live with his parents in his ancestral old house.His father was just simply a small farmer working all the day but it was almost impossible to fulfill their dreams. Rakesh`s uncle was Rajnath who was the chief of the village and he had a big mansion full of luxurious life.

One day 
he came to Rakesh`s mother in the scorching summer noon. He told Rakesh`s mother that he is going to the city so he would love to take Rakesh with him because he is his nephew. For the first time Rakesh felt the love of his uncle. This was summer scorching noon and both of them have to walk a lot. In the city Rajnath took Rakesh to a tailor and asked him to choose the cloth and later asked the tailor to measure Rakesh. Rakesh was very happy that he will be able to wear new clothes within a week. Rakesh told the story of new clothes to his mother.

Slowly one month passed but there was no new clothes. Rakesh asked his mother,

``Mother , where are my new clothes. The same clothes I choose in the city to be sewn was being weared by uncle`s son Tinckoo. When i shall be able to wear those .``

Rakesh`s mother became dumb and slowly she said,
`` My son , since it was scorching summer noon your uncle took you to the city so that Tinckoo might not catch hotwind or he fall ill. Do not worry`` By saying these words she took Rakesh in her lap. For the first time Rakesh felt the warmth of mother`s lap which proved costlier than the new clothes and he forgot everything.


More by :  Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma

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