The Dichotomy in India

A popular English newspaper had published two opinions from the readers about the living conditions in India. The two articles expressing diametrically opposite views of the US life by two Indians were quite amusing. Both articles reiterate the scant regard Indians give for life and discipline. But, one glorifies it while the other laments on it.
The greatest drawback of India is not just the population but its apathy for honesty, privacy, life and above all discipline. It was sad that an educated man like a retired professor glorifies India’s chaotic living in the name of ‘vibrant, moving agile and happening’. Does it not clearly show that an average Indian irrespective of age, education and background wants always trouble to lead a tumultuous life? That is probably the reason why philosophy was preached in India for the old to detach themselves from everything.
I always hold the opinion that Indians want American salary and living conditions in Indian milieu. The views of the retired professor considering India as heaven notwithstanding its drawbacks only reinforced that
The second article spoke sense and the gregarious life we lead with greed and irresponsibility.
Indians are good in rhetoric in the name of family, culture, empathy, sympathy, love and affection as if they are the sole proprietors of such great qualities in the whole universe but never practice them. Expanding on it is futile because if we read the newspapers everyday that provide enough and more details on it. 


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Comment Similar position will be on population. One article may write on educated people asking for more control on population that will improve quality of life. The other one may write on ignorance, irresponsibilty, etc and does not know what is quality of life means. Education is key to democracy.

12-Nov-2012 01:36 AM

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