Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

Practice healthy lifestyle

Men face ED as they age. Usually most men face erectile dysfunction or ED after 40 years. Research statistics show that young men, who are below 40 years, also face ED due to job stress. Lifestyle plays a great role in sexual life of men. Hence a healthy lifestyle is very essential for men to achieve and maintain erection.

Psychological factors like anxiety, depression stress etc lead to erectile dysfunction. The failure to perform in bed reinforces the psychological causes and aggravates the situation. Co-operation from partner, travelling, yoga, meditation etc can help to reduce psychological causes.

Addictions for smoking, alcohol, drugs etc also lead to sexual dysfunction. Quitting these habits definitely help to get back the lost vigor or sexual power.

Sedentary lifestyle is another culprit which paves way to sexual dysfunction. Sedentary lifestyle leads to obesity and other obesity related diseases. Regular exercises like walking, jogging, cycling etc help to increase blood circulation and aid weight loss. Physical exercises also help to reduce stress level.

Healthy eating has to be incorporated in daily lifestyle. Fast foods, soft drinks, deep fried foods, sweets, chocolates etc increase body weight. Increased body weight or obesity is the major cause for erectile dysfunction.

Ayurveda acharyas recommend healthy lifestyles to keep diseases at bay. Following “Dinacharya” (Daily routine) and Ritucharya (seasonal lifestyle changes) rejuvenate the body to increase sexual energy by leaps and bounds.


More by :  Dr. Krishna R.S

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