Terrorism Takes a Hang

The people of India woke up to the execution of Ajmal Kasab who was hanged and buried in Pune’s Yerawada jail in a secret operation named Operation-X. Ajmal Kasab’s execution seems to be strategic in terms of its timing.
Irrespective of the over used political statements the execution of Kasab does have regional and federal political narratives. The death of fascist Bal Thackeray and the enormous outpouring of public sympathy has made the Congress-NCP led state government wary of Shiv Sena consolidating its electoral base. A political hand shake between the first cousins, although unlikely, could become insomnia for the Congress – NCP alliance. With the execution, the government has also put to rest the opposition’s portrayal of elephant–in–the–room–murmurs of not taking a stern stand for the perpetrators of the State.
Operation X is a double master-stroke carried out by the Manmohan Singh government to improve its public image for the forthcoming 2014 elections. The UPA now is in a position to legitimize their stand on following the due process of law leading to the execution also putting an end to the costs the state exchequer bore in the tune of Rs. 29.5 crores.
An aerial layman undertone could also view this as a launching pad for the political position of Rahul Gandhi at the centre.
The UPA would want to build bridges with BJP especially before beginning of the winter session of the Parliament where important neo-liberal legislations need to be passed; such as, allowing FDI in multi-brand retail outlets and FDI in pension sector. This could also calm the nerves of the Opposition parties which had gheraoed the government on issues of corruption and mis-governance for over a year, and also divert attention of the civil society from the mundane matters of Kejriwal and his associates.
The obvious outfall of Kasab’s burial would also require the Congress party to prepare itself to deal with the life of “guilty” Afzal Guru whose mercy petition is pending before the President of India.Would it be easier for the government to end a foreign foe’s life versus risking electoral loss of minority vote bank which accompanies Afzal Guru?Although, hasty decisions regarding the pending death penalties would put undue international pressure on India to impose a moratorium on capital punishment.

Well then, the life and death of Sarabjit Singh and other political prisoners languishing in Pakistani jails depends on the unfolding relations between the geographical neighbors. 


More by :  Rahul Mukand

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Comment Mr. Mukand seems to have a "phoren" view of the Indian Politics scenario. The article is extremely brief and manages to touch various topics in a scattered manner. Wish one could get an in depth analysis. The article has flair, but is not succinct.

Zoya Bharadwaj
23-Nov-2012 07:16 AM

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