Pak Terrorist Kasab Hanged

- A Look Back at 26/11

Since the secretive hanging of Pak LeT trained terrorist Ajmal Kasab on 21 November morning, he was the only survivor of at least a ten men band, ill-informed and info and intellect challenged discussions have gone viral on India’s corporate channels and in print media.

Perhaps Indians are afraid of going to the very genesis of the roots of terrorism created by US led West and Riyadh led Muslim countries during 1980s in south west Asia from which the region and people across the world continue to suffer (collateral damage, pity) specially in North Africa; West, South West, Central and South Asia. US led West’s enduring freedom operation in Afghanistan’s Black hole for foreign invaders and the military quagmire after the Operation Iraqi freedom have only provided further field training to misguided and un-educated jobless Muslim youth, with Riyadh and other GCC members providing finances for motivating and other activities culminating in terrorist acts while keeping these elements away from the Saudi Kingdom itself.
After the 9/11 false flag operation, US has seen little terror action on its soil, except for its own sting operations. Washington has admitted that Al Qaeda members number only a few dozen after leveraging the false claims about it to only curb freedoms in USA by the neoliberal gang of bankers, military industry complex and other corporate interests, which have led to occupy Wall Street people’s uprisings across US cities.
Unfortunately India too is following neoliberal-economic policies for making rich richer and poor poorer. Over 90% of welfare schemes for the poor and the miserable masses of India are being siphoned off by the cancer like hold of corrupt political elite and its hangers-on. In Indian history post 1990 will be black Robber Baron era.
The author has maintained from the very beginning since 26/11, that it would have been impossible for Pak agencies to organize 26/11 without US knowledge if not connivance, since hundreds of US agents crawl around Karachi from where most of the material for the war in Afghanistan against Taliban etc. is being transported and with US command over means of wireless and other communications. Could the training of Kasab group and its departure from Karachi and the operation itself escape US agencies? Come on, be serious.
Worse David Headley who helped organize 26/11 was an FBI double agent and against whom his wife had spilled the beans to a CIA agent in Pakistan before 26/11 itself.  US never informed India about Headley’s activities as complained by top Indian interior official GK Pillai.
If I can get hold of a patriotic and nationalist lawyer I would like to file a PIL petitioning the Supreme Court to ask GOI for an affidavit on Headley’s activities and Washington’s knowledge about 26/11 and even file a claim against complicit FBI/CIA like the case for compensation filed in a US court against PAK ISI.
It would not be a wrong guess to say that US allowed the 26/11 terror strike to happen to scuttle Indo-Pak peace negotiations. Since 26/11 US had not allowed any more massive terror attack, since the security set up has hardly improved in India. After every terror attack, security cover of politicians and their corrupt cronies is augmented. Look at the kind of arms and security, even Government security cover at the ghastly double murder of liquor baron ‘Ponty’ Chaddha and his brother in Delhi. Be sure it will be hushed up or endlessly delayed. In India only God looks after the safety of the common men aka aam aadmi.
I shall like to revisit West Stirred-up Muslims Terrorize Mumbai related to 26/11 and analysis of associated matters.


More by :  K. Gajendra Singh

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Comment There is some fiction in this

23-Nov-2012 09:12 AM

Comment [comment - part 2]

"If I can get hold of a patriotic and nationalist lawyer I would like to file a PIL petitioning the Supreme Court to ask GOI for an affidavit on Headley’s activities"

- is disturbing as well. It suggests that a [patriotic and nationalist lawyer] is a rare commodity in this nation now a days.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
23-Nov-2012 05:50 AM

Comment [comment - part 1]
Oops !

A bit disturbing one - to the 'highly educated Indian middle class, especially youngsters, below age of 35" - the english media has lead them to believe that US is the country that is governed by law and the US as a nation abides by ethics in this Globalized world !

Wake up english media readers and watchers !

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
23-Nov-2012 05:43 AM

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