Sillery Gaon

I and my friend Arnab decided to spend three days in the lap of Himalayan nature free from urban commotion. As such, we set out by Howrah-Dubrugarh express on 14th November, 2012 (day after Diwali). As we neared New Jalpaiguri the next morning, the Kanchendzonga peak was clearly visible from the train and that freshened our spirit.

Reaching New Jalpaiguri, we went to Siliguri bus-stop (7 km) by auto and booked a sumo for Rs.1400/- to reach us to Kalimpong, a distance of 68 km. Then I requested Lalu, the driver, to take us to ‘Bish-mile’ (‘20 miles’ – such is the name of stops on mountain roads). He agreed for an extra of Rs. 500. By then I had already phoned Mr. Dilip Tamang, our host at Sillery village, who said he would be sending a sumo to pick us up from the juncture of Kalimpong-Algarah-Pedong road and Sillery road.

3 km before Pedong, ½ km ahead of ‘Bish-mile’ along the Kalimpong-Algarah-Pedong road, a rocky off-shoot road takes a sharp elevation through a lush green forest. A trek of only 4.5 km takes one to Sillery Gaon (village), a still lesser known though fast-becoming-popular serene destination – that the locals adoringly call New-Darjeeling. This road is motorable, however, one keen on avoiding a motor/jeep ride that resembles more a galloping horse-ride better trek to enjoy the oft-dense forest and company of birds.

The jungle trek to Sillery with Kanchendzonga playing hide-n-seek

Jungle path to Sillery

As we reached Sillery after that tremendous car-ride, Dilip Tamang welcomed us with a grinning Namaste. We had to ascend some boulder-steps to reach Mr. Tamang’s Nirmala Resort, a beautifully decorated Home-Stay in posh green colors.

Picture-3: Dilip Tamang’s Nirmala Resort

The sky was clear still though it was 2 pm, a rarity in Himalayan tourist ‘seasons’ but not in this time of the year. Soon we got busy with our cameras.

We took a stroll in the village and had a most rewarding experience among cheerful people. That day was “Tika” – a festival in this area, in which people apply Tika on each other’s forehead, wear garlands, and sing and dance. The Tika festival is akin to the “Bhaifota” festival of Bengalis celebrated on the same day. What we missed at home being here, we got here. The villagers accepted us in their songs and dances.

Villagers celebrating “Tika”

There is another part of the festival. Young villagers in groups visit houses singing/chanting the name of God, and the owner of the house then serve them fruits and some money. There is a similar festival in rural Bengal known as “Ghentu-Puuja.”

We returned to Nirmala Resort in the evening after watching a spectacular sun-set from the forest just below a school at the bottom of the village. Dilip Tamang made the happy announcement of serving us chicken curry in dinner.

Sillery village path

The Village Folks

Sunset on Kanchanjangha

“Sillery” derives its name from a plant that grows in abundance in the region. This area is also well-known for its Cinchona Plantation that the British introduced in this region as a source of Quinine for treatment of Malaria.

This village houses around 30 families. Felling of trees and basic agriculture was once a way of life of the villagers, but eco-tourism is the new found alternative source of livelihood that runs parallel and would perhaps overwhelm the traditional one in near future.
Eco-tourism is a collective brain-child of the villagers, and the result is Home stays in many a houses. There is no permanent electricity supply in the village, however, work is on and electric posts and wires have already been installed – that would no doubt provide comfort to villagers and tourists but the unimaginative placements of prosaic electric posts and the commotion of wires have heavily compromised the beauty of the village.

At present, the owners of Home-Stays ensure generators from 6 pm to 9.30 pm (extendable on request) other than providing candles and kerosene lamps at night. Tourists have no problem charging their mobile phones or camera batteries.

The main attraction of the village other than its pristine greenery is the open north with the towering Kanchendzonga and Macchli-Puchhare peaks and mountain ranges as far as the eye can stretch.

Kanchendzonga in morning

Waking call - Morning coffee

The location of the village is also very interesting. If one stands facing north, beneath the sloping village is Rishi river - the other side of which is Sikkim. To the left is Nepal, and beyond the Skim mountains is Tibet. Gangtok can be seen in front as also the international airport under construction. What a view it would be from this village when flights land there! One has to wait a little more for that. The airport project is scheduled to be completed in 2015.

One can undertake three interesting short treks from Sillery - Silence Valley, Damsang Fort, and Ramitey View Point – other than spending quality time in the lap of nature.

One can go to Ramitey view point by a 1.5 km trek from Sillery Gaon. The ‘kacha’ road is also motor able. The view point is undoubtedly one of the most vantage locations in this entire region to view both the Kanchendzonga above and the Teesta River below.

This view point offers the longest view of the meandering Teesta river through the valley with its 14 bends, and also the confluence of Rishi river and Teesta river, other than the panoramic view of Himalayan ranges with the crowning Kanchendzonga. The entire region from Teesta Bazar to Majhitar is visible from here on a clear day.

Kanchendzonga and ranges from Ramitey view point

Meandering Teesta river from Ramitey

On top of mountains; Ramitey view point

Author on Ramitey top (photo by Arnab Mukherjee)

The other place of interest from Sillery is Damsang Fort built in 1690. It was the last home of the Lepcha King- Gyabo Achuk. The Lepchas lost the fort to the Bhutanese and then it finally passed to the British after the Anglo-Bhutan War of 1864.

Nothing much remains of Damsang Fort today. The inevitable course of history and further the earthquake of Sep, 2012 have left only simple remnants.

The place would interest one more for bird watching. A little beyond the Damsang Fort is the Hanuman Top with a sculpture of Hanuman. A nice bird’s eye view of Kalimpong and its adjoining areas is a sure refreshment.

Kanchendzonga at sunset, Sillery village

Kanchendzonga at sunset, Sillery village

Kanchendzonga and Machhlipuchhare at sunset, Sillery village

Good bye Kanchendzonga, for now.

I Will be Back.”

Some useful information:

  1. One can visit Sillery throughout the year except monsoon months
  2. It is very cold there during winter months; so, carry adequate warm clothes if you intend to visit in winter
  3. Be prepared for leech-kisses in the forest even in dry months
  4. You may directly contact Mr. Dilip Tamang (ph no. 9635005318), or any other resort from websites or traveling agents (contact numbers are available on net). The rate per head per day (24 hours – including breakfast, snacks, lunch, evening tea, snacks, dinner, and night-stay) is anywhere from Rs. 500/- to Rs. 800 depending on season etc. If you contact directly, bargain is yours.


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Comment It is a very beautiful as well as informative description about Sillery.

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Comment Thank you Mr. Banerjee for the detailed description given to this site regarding Nirmala Village, Sillery Gaon. Kalimpong. We are impressed and decided to go to stay at Nirmala Village. We have a big group and we have already contacted over the phone to Nirmala Village. Hope every thing will be finalised soon.Thank you again.

Gopal Dey
16-Apr-2016 04:40 AM

Comment Hello Sanchali-ji,

Could you please provide me with the contact details (mobile no. etc.) of RENU's STAY at Sillerigaon?

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Vaskar Bhattacharya
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Hi, Mr Mr.Indrajit Bandyopadhyay, enjoy the beauty of nature,how beautiful the place is!


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Please share your comments.

Thanking You,

Mrinal Kanti Kansari.

Mrinal Kanti Kansari
29-Jun-2015 03:17 AM

Comment DR Indrajit Babu, we ever chat before, However very enchanting your blog,We want to home stay at Silleri gaon with wife & below 2 years child and another family who is my friend with his 3yrs boy. looking gd silari gaon with surrounding, if u kindly advice us, we want to say 5 days there. we booked railwy tkt 22.1015

23-Jun-2015 08:25 AM

Comment Hi, came across this very helpful blog while searching for info regarding Sillary gaon. A few queries...which one is the best home stay location or position wise...gurung, tamang, or sillary sojourn? Please advise.

Antara Ghose
21-May-2015 13:41 PM

Comment I went to Silleri gaon with my wife on 07.04.2015. We stayed at Nirmala Resort which is memorable stay. The hospility at Nirmal Resort (Prop. Dilip Tamang) could not be forgettable. Dilip arranged our tour of East Sikkim. The home stay of Zuluk was very nice. The behaviour of the Driver named 'ROBIN' (provided by Dilip Tamang) was very good. If you want to know more then please contact to Dilip Tamang ( 9933922859, 9635005318).

09-May-2015 01:03 AM

Comment Dear Indrajit,
Is it possible to cover a route starting from siliguri to Zuluk, zelep-la etc. with Sillery gaon trip & ending the trip down at gangtok through nathula,tsomgo lake, I know the permit problem is there,as it has to be collected from gangtok, if it is possible to collect from kolkata,fort william, then we may start from siliguri to cover the route ending to gangtok, am i right?

Atanu Chakrabortty
28-Apr-2015 02:55 AM

Comment Thanks Dear Indrajit for your sharing of Sillery Gaon , a nice calm place, also useful information about Mr. Dilip Tamang, a warmly co-operating person, rate is also comparatively cheap, if directly can be contacted with him ,otherwise so-called resort booking is costly from kolkata.

Atanu Chakrabortty
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Comment Thanks for sharing such a beautiful experience. We are also planning to visit the place soon.

10-Mar-2015 05:50 AM

Comment Hello - In my prev post - there is a typo - It should have been Nov 2014 :)

Sanchali Thakur
01-Feb-2015 11:26 AM

Comment Thanks Mr Indrajit for lovely photographs..We had visited Sillery gaon, zuluk , lungthu, nathang, kupup in Nov 2015. Beautiful places, lovely people..very reasonable cost...In sillery gaon, renu''s homestay has 2 cottages with best view of kachenjunga from sillerygaon. for night stay, sillery gaon and lungthung are the best options...

Sanchali Thakur
31-Jan-2015 03:12 AM

Comment Very nice,breathtaking scenery and mountain view from Ramitey view point is fabulous.
Also Tinchule trekking around 4.0 km from Sillery is memorable and view from this point also good.

Avik Saha
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Comment I have a plan a tour of sillery gaon on 29th dec for 2 days with my wife.
Can you tell me , which time is best for ramitey view points ? Also is that trek safe for ladies ?


Avik Saha
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Comment we want to visit that place on march,2015 . pls, tell me the booking procedure. As i can't contact with Mr. Tamang.

atanu paul
22-Oct-2014 03:11 AM

Comment @ Rajib Islam
I went there in 2012. You see, costs have surely escalated. I suggest you phone Mr. Tamang and ask him. I suggest stay there for 2 nights to enjoy the place.

29-Apr-2014 09:19 AM

Comment Dear Mr.Indrajit Bandyopadhyay,
your travel logue has provided me very useful with my family are planning a trip to sillery gaon at the middle of May 2014.can u plz give us an estimate cost of staying in sillery gaon and sight seeing from there.and it is right time to visit at there suggest us Please. whether 1 day or 2 days is preferred in staying there.

Rajib Islam
28-Apr-2014 08:23 AM

Comment Thanks Mr Indrajit Bandyopadhyay for regarding this information about sillery gaon.
very nice photography, especially Kanchnzonga peak.

We will be there in last week of may14.

Rajesh Terdalkar
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Comment Dear Mr.Indrajit Bandyopadhyay, ur travel logue has provided me very useful with my family are planning a trip to sillery gaon at the end of march 2014.can u plz give us an estimate cost of staying in sillery gaon and sight seeing from there.and suggest us whether 1 day or 2 days is preffered in staying there :)

nilanjana dutta
30-Jan-2014 11:27 AM

Comment Ur travellogue provides me an utmost desire 2 visit that serene village.. I wud like 2 visit mid nov2014.. wht more , I wud lkd 2 know, dat treks u described in ur narration, can it be done by d host, where we wud b put up?cud he b able to provide us every facility 2 conduct d trek???

subir kumarsaha
30-Dec-2013 03:22 AM

Comment Valuable trip report. Do u cover other than this place or any idea about Rishikhola, Nathang valley etc along with accomodation and conveyance?

Have any experience about flower blooming time in this area?


Ranjan Saha
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Comment The phone number posted by you of Mr.Dilip Tamang, owner of Nirmala resort helped us a lot in booking a cottage there for our trip in Sillary gaon.
Thanks a lot

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Pritam Datta
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Comment Apnar bhraman-katha khub valo laglo.end december,2011,ami @ amar 1 bondhu saparibar giechhilam sillery gaon,zuluk.nathang.apnar lekha se chhobita firie anlo abaro.sref dhanyobad dile sabtuku bojhano jabe na.


09-Oct-2013 10:49 AM

Comment Thanks Mr Indrajit Bandyopadhyay for regarding this information about sillery gaon and other sight scene

Basanta Dey
02-Sep-2013 03:27 AM

Comment complete information from njp-zuluk-gantok-pelling-njp

Hotel contact no
car rent details

Samar Barman

Samar Barman
07-Aug-2013 05:45 AM

Comment I visited Echey Gaon on 22-28 December 2012 and enjoyed very much. See my blog .

Soumen Mukherjee
07-Aug-2013 03:46 AM

Comment Dear Mr.Indrajit Bandyopadhyay, this is Vivekananda Ghosal here from Konnagar, I have seen your blog of Sillery Gaon and very very thanks for usefull infomation & guidelines about Sillery Gaon. We stayed in the Nirmola Village Resorts for 2 days. Dilip Tamang is very good man.

Vivekananda Ghosal
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Comment Dear Mr.Indrajit Bandyopadhyay, This is Rajesh Saha here from Kolkata, I have seen your blog of Sillery Gaon and very very thanks for all the information.

Actually I plan go to Sillery Gaon & zuluk..... Thanks once again....

Rajesh Saha
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Souvik Das
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Comment Enjoyed the description and photos. we are going Sillery on 23.12.2012. Your description helps me a lot. What about Tinchuley ? Haven't you go there?

soumen mukherjee
14-Dec-2012 03:37 AM

Comment Nice. Enjoyed it.

Subhajit Ghosh
30-Nov-2012 02:55 AM

Comment thank you sir for reminding me how beautiful the nature is..... Hope you enjoyed your adventurous tour.

Sanchari Mandal
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