Will India Ever Change?

When one happens to visit developed countries, I am sure any person with consciousness will immediately feel the horrible living conditions prevail in India. Recently, I happened to visit Singapore after a long lapse of fifteen years. The country has made advances in all the areas than what I saw fifteen years before for better.

Mainly the environment, the traffic, the discipline and the affluence are awesome. The roads, railway stations, buses and trains look as if they have been cleaned just then. The pedestrians can walk very safely on the road without any blocks or fear of passing vehicles hitting them. There are no pavement occupants who made walking difficult. The buses and trains arrive and depart almost exactly on time. The ambience never stinks. The city is alive even late night.

We call India is still developing; yes, we have made our population to a whopping 121 million. That apart can we see any discipline or clean atmosphere anywhere around the country? The trains are nasty, the buses are rickety, the traffic on roads are chaotic and the crowd is simply unbearable at every place and our man power is utilized only to add extra man power to the already overpopulated nation.

Public discipline is something absolutely alien in this country. We enjoy the maximum freedom in the whole world. Every one has to the right to speak and do whatever they want without any shame. We pollute the atmosphere, make our public places dirty, drive rashly, deface any place we like, spit wherever possible, and behave indecently without any qualms.

The major reason for this attitude of Indians is the lack of punishment for any adverse, indecent and criminal act. We plead even for mass murderers and should be excused from death sentence because we belong to the nation of ‘ahimsa’. Is it practical? How long we can live in this fool’s paradise?

We have reached a stage that any amount of ugliness whether it is politics or public or personal life does not affect anyone. We have accepted corruption and indiscipline as part of our lives.

I am sure even after another century, India will never change or I should rephrase that we, the public and politicians will never allow it to change because we like unbridled freedom.


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Comment Perhaps, the solitary hope, if at all, lies in devoutly and unreservedly adopting and striving to imbibe the same old wisdom underlying the golden rule - charity has to begin at home; so also, individualistic self-discipline but firmly founded on 'public-centric ' approach/ attitude towards 'life' on earth, with its puritanical flavor.

12-Nov-2014 22:01 PM

Comment >to a whopping 121 million.

It is one order magnitude less!!

01-Nov-2014 18:49 PM

Comment I don't know what 2 say, how 2 react on your nice article, as today searching in Google 'if India will ever change" and there is no hope....I found there your article, you know its the people who went abroad and coming back again here feels terrible.... nothing is proper. I'm also in Europe and shanghai and the people over there follow the rule and they have high values and moreover they love their country.
I think its now in our society... low morality.. low patriotism.. everything is full of rotten... and after searching in Google (even in Astrology section also about India's future..haha) I think we are in point of no return...we are not indian you know we are Hindu Muslim or low caste or high caste and every topic comes, we react with it, not as a Indian.
I'm scared about my son's future(who is only 2 years old)...
if ever will be a change!!!!

06-Jan-2013 12:25 PM

Comment After reading the comments of Mr Bohre and Mr Virinder Oberai, I feel that my opinions are not biased or unpatriotic. It clearly shows that a huge proportion of our magnificent population is ruining the whole country in all possible ways. There is nothing wrong in people who walks out of this nation and prefer to settle abroad. After all, when the nation and its majority of the population is more keen on unruly and nasty ways of administration and conduct, why blame those who get the opportunity to get out of this hell? I am now a senior citizen, but if an offer is given to me to live in a place like Singapore or Middle East or West I will take the offer and move away than living here listening to the atrocious activities appearing in the media everyday as rightly mentioned by Mr Oberoi.

Thanks to Mr Oberoi and Mr Bohre for strengthening my views without any artifice of so called patriotism!

G Swaminathan
09-Dec-2012 11:17 AM

Comment GS

We are the most miserable nation on the planet-no morality, no sanitation but attitude as high as Mount Everest. Each morning one wakes up to the news and you find 1) murders, scams, rapes,accidents 2) politicians and business men taking us and the nation for a ride, 3) sanitation and public hygiene is unheated off 4) we kill more people on the road accidents than some natural diseases 5 ) our politicians are corrupt and arrogant.. We are now ready to import electricity from Bhutan which is not a speck on the world map-yes but it is a country of happy people. we are schemers, promise breakers and have no morality whatsoever.

09-Dec-2012 03:06 AM

Comment Thank you for recording the ground reality - this can even be used in future to in writing history as an artifact/reference.

This article is well acurate describing real situation in India (most of the responsibility for this mess goes to poor and anti-national Governance).

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
08-Dec-2012 03:22 AM

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