PM Wants to Liberate Gujarat!

... India Wants to be Liberated From Congress Misgovernance

The time has come to liberate Gujarat from this type of politics and not let these people come back to power, who have been trying to get votes by dividing society and the country”. - So stressed the Prime Minister at an election speech in Gujarat. People of Gujarat hopefully do not think so.

But many people in India would like to interpolate/extrapolate and retort:

The time has come to liberate India from Congress misgovernance and not let these people come back to power, who have been trying to get votes on the strength of captive vote-banks of Indian Muslims by creating fear and insecurities and the apex leadership ignoring monumental political corruption under their rule

Politics in India has stooped to such levels where even the mightiest in the land resort to untruths and inaccurate allegations all in the name of politics.
From 1947, it was Nehru who as India’s first Congress Prime Minister perceptionally started this sordid game of generating fear and insecurity amongst Indian Muslims by propagating that they could be safe only under Congress rule. Nehru forgot the fact that out of the about thirty million Muslims only eight million Muslims opted to migrate to Pakistan. The majority of India’s Muslims willingly opted to stay in independent India secure in the belief that India’s centuries-old “existential secularism” as I would like to term it, guaranteed enough security.
Six decades later, regrettably India still witnesses Congress Prime Ministers involved in dividing India by playing “Communal Cards” in election politics.
Written endlessly in my earlier Columns has been the fact that the Congress in the absence of any credible political programmes to offer to the people of Gujarat has been constantly demonising the Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi.
Modi as per many political surveys and polls carried out by the media has emerged as the biggest threat to the Congress Party’s dynastic succession plans.
Gujarat and the Muslims of Gujarat have moved ahead, far ahead of 2002 events. It is the Congress Party and a handful of social activists, existing on funds from God knows where, are beating the drums of 2002.
By the same token should the people of India and especially the Sikh community, not keep reminding the Congress Party and its apex leadership of the “1984 Genocidal Massacres “indulged by Congressmen in Delhi and elsewhere in India - over 3,000 Sikhs killed in Delhi and 7,000 all over India, as stated in independent media reports? 


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