He looked at me and said sedately : ''I have to give up cricket''.

''Why you?'' I asked bemusedly.'' I thought that Dhoni and Company should give up?''

''Of course not, they can't give up cricket, they may be dropped from the team, they may  be ousted from captaincy ceremoniously or unceremoniously, but they simply cannot give up cricket. It earns them their daily bread costing a million dollars... Moreover cricket is a discipline now. Why it is inter disciplinary, if you play cricket you are a dancer, a show man, a motor bicycle rider an actor...''

His voice petered out.

''Wait a minute'' I said. '' But why should you give up cricket?'' ''You are not a player''.

''Stupid'' he hissed. ''I meant watching the game. When India loses I feel so, so bad''.

He looked crestfallen and dejected. His voice sonded like mournful  cawing of the crow.

''Buck up'' I said. ''India has no dearth of talent. With every IPL you get a new find. See the world of good it has done. It has money twisters and cricket baiters, sloggers... wham, they can hit the ball hard. T-20 is not a game it is a veritable blitzereig''.

''What's that?'' he asked.

''The German technique of attack in world war two''.

''But what has that to do with cricket? '' he asked.

''Attack is the best form of defence my friend'' I said soberly.

''And anyway'' my friend continued. ''I thought of something on the lines of IPL. But I have to give it up. ''.

''What would you call it?'' I asked, containing my amusement.


''Despite Poverty Line''!


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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