Delhi Gang Rape: What should We Do?

The entire print and electronic media is conscious about the sad incident took place in Delhi. A girl was raped by group of people in Bus to be more precise in a public place where even smoking is criminal.

What has happened to our Law and order? What has happened to our Government? What has happened to our democracy? What has happened to our Constitution? What has happened to our Police and Politicians?
All these questions seek a single solution: that we need change. Politicians are silent as always and our Prime Minister Mr. Mum is silent as always. Isn’t this issue serious for him? Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi who we know are running this government and their voice is like a verdict cannot they do anything for common people. MPs and Ministers get security and protection from the money we pay as taxes still they are not concerned about the issue. Delhi CM says it is not her duty to look after law and order. How responsible is she? Mr. President, Mr. Prime Minister are not even addressing people over the issue. Rahul Gandhi who is so called ‘Youth Icon’ has nothing to do with the problems of young women. Isn’t this all too ironic?
People always criticize today’s youth as self-concerned facebook generation but when they raise their voice against the social evil, the Government is suppresses it with teargas and water cannons. Delhi Chief Minister must apologize and resign immediately. How can she be so calm and regardless? Being a woman she should have come forward to solve women’ problems and make Delhi safer place for women. It seems someone needs to tell her that Delhi is the Capital of India.
Government headed by a woman has miserably failed in providing security for women in the capital city of India. Delhi is place where society is divided in two distinctive classes one of VIPS and the other is of Common people. No one can reach to these VIPS and common people are suffering from so many social evils.
Most UPA leaders have committed serious crimes, (corruption, loot murder, conniving with terrorists etc.) while in power, for self or political motives. They know public is increasingly getting rebellious, intolerant toward crime and public loot.
Kejriwal, Baba Ramdev have already inspired people not to tolerate injustice, loot corruption inefficiency of Government and come out united and protest on streets. Congress wants to keep police judiciary and executive on the right side and keeps them pampered and protected even if they commit serious lapses. In return of political support, police judiciary is expected to protect and shield politicians, contain and prevent civil unrest or intense public uprising. It is like a hand in glove affair to stay in power. All politicians become united when it comes to passing Bills which are of interest to them while bills that are for public welfare and benefit are delayed and kept pending.
People in India should first change the political system through voting by bringing better people in power. It is important that public remain united, demanding and forceful. The current breed of Politicians, Police, senior Government officers have all lost moral conscience and need to be replaced.


More by :  Dr. Vishwanath Bite

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Comment Death sentence may help the criminals as courts do not give it easily. Death sentence should be sought only in the rarest of the rare cases. What is desperately needed is fast-tracking justice in our country. When criminals get life term or other stern sentences within a limited time frame, it will send the correct message. However, we certainly don't want violence on the streets. 'Protestors Killed or Injured', we certainly don't want any such headline. This is not the time and not the issue to take political advantage. The crowd on streets is certainly not homogenous in nature. Eve teasing has been reported even in this agitation. Media has to show maturity. This should not be used to cater votes to one party or the other.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
23-Dec-2012 06:11 AM

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