Nothing Short of Capital Punishment

The protests in the country over the recent rape of  a woman in a running bus, has outraged sensibilities with the result that all and sundry are seething with anger. Hurt, shock have turned to rage. Delhi is now witnessing violent scenes, the public are so much in trauma, that a violent anger is overcoming them, both young and old, men and women; and very rightly so. They are demanding safety, and the question is: why can't a woman move around whenever she wants? This is perfectly right, we morally censure women saying that they should not be around after a certain time. This is a vicarious sanction of mis-deeds, and smacks of a virulent male chauvisinm and male centricity.

The people who have gathered want to speak to the Prime Minister or the President. It is high time that one of them come out and give a public assurance. It is ridiculous to see the police attack the crowd in retaliation. This will only worsen the situation and can lead to violence in a worst manner, affecting law and order.

We have to understand that the public of Delhi feel agitated and insecure. They fear that a similar thing might happen to any of their family members. Moreover the young lady was lying three hours unattended to. This shows the callousness and gross insensitivity of the public of our capital, the capital we say boasts of a historical tradition. Delhi is a most vulnerable city, to such manic mis-deeds and its population knows this only too well. That is why they are highly insecure.

Why are our leaders maintaining a non commital silence? Only condemnation will not do, we have to find ways and means to check law and order. Special protection must be given to women and children.

And in the midst of all this, the Delhi Chief Minister, otherwise a venerable lady causes polemic, she says that she cannot bear to meet the victim. She better, now that the young lady is able to speak. She will break down the CM fears, then please Madam break down and give rigid assurances to the lady and her family. Breaking down is no big deal, in fact it will countenance the belief that you are well nigh affected Madam.

And then I find it fautous to deploy the police taking a confrontationist stand. We have to understand and gauge the psyches and mood of the people. They are emotionally disturbed and tense. To prevent a conflagration the leaders must talk, and not run away.

It is indeed a very self defeating situation, the feelings of the public must be assuaged with tact. On the one hand the lady is battling for her life, on the other the public is demanding 'murder'.

The culprits have not only shown sexual disrespect, they have also shown utter disrespect to the lives of human beings, by brutally throwing them and dumping them into physical oblivion. Nothing short of capital punishment should be meted to them. Only then will sanity prevail, and insane voices crushed, out of sheer fear.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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Comment Wonder how even the 'thinking people' get swayed by the 'mood of the moment' shaped by the ill-informed masses! It is a settled by now that death penalty for rape is inimical to the victims, read women. When rape itself leads the rapists to gallows, why should he spare his victim's life, and had the capital punishment for rape been in place, in all probability the Delhi woman would not have alive to say 'I want to live'.

BS Murthy
23-Dec-2012 13:31 PM

Comment Well said. Well written.

23-Dec-2012 04:12 AM

Comment Its shame. This incident has shamed us. And brought to open the suppressed feelings of females who has faced similar situation earlier. They came in open and in great numbers. This was great. WAKE UP ADMINISTRATION YOU ARE SLEEPING.

22-Dec-2012 23:59 PM

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