Finding a Substitute

'' He has retired''.

'' Who ? '' I asked.

'' Who else could retire at this juncture, when it is only retirement, retirement and reirement'' my friend said exasperated.

'' Oh Tendulkar '' I said. '' They simply coerced him into doing it. He should retire, why he should retire, why he should not retire, why he should not retire, the way he is doing. Why should he dropped. How can he be dropped...'' I could not finish.

'' Now don't make a simple matter complicated. He has retired''.

'' Says, who? '' I asked.

'' Fool don't you know. He has retired from ODIs''.

'' Does that include T-20s? '' I asked.

'' I suppose so'' my friend said unconvincingly.

'' But he has said only ODIs'' I pointed out triumphantly.

'' Fifty includes twenty'' my friend. '' So he has retired from that as well''.

'' OK'' I continued. '' But he will continue with tests''.

'' Of course'' he said. '' Till of course the speculations start''.

'' What speculations? '' I asked.

'' Will he, can he, wont't he , why can he, why can't he, who has spoken to him, what Saurav Ganguli has said, what Kapil Dev has not said...''

'' Stop it '' I shouted. '' Let him retire first''.

'' That will take a long time'' my friend cautioned.

'' After all they have to find a substitute!''.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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