Its Time We All Change

Horrific isnt it? Every time I read or hear about a case relating to sexual assault, I cant help but think, "Control nahi hai kya?".
Any sort of assault on a person's dignity is bad. That is the simplest way to put it. To assault ones modesty - its an outrage.
If you are in Delhi, or India for that matter, you have heard about the bus gang rape incident. If you have not, search the internet. Join the protest against bullshittery by lowlives and the thugs in charge.

The past week has seen huge protests, amazing demonstrations and stupid statements.
We have had news channels, for the first time in so many years, actually creating awareness about something important (The usual stuff like "saas bahu aur sazish" seems to have taken the back seat). We have seen people shouting slogans on streets ("Diili police ek kaam karo, Chudiyan pehen ke dance karo"and such). And of course, demands to get the perpetrators hanged.
I for one agree that these guys should be hanged. They went a parsec too far. Societal scum needs cleaning up.

Anger is visible. The cloudburst has flooded the streets.

But something is missing. Something that has been bugging me for some time.
People are demanding for stricter laws and better execution. We are on the streets shouting and screaming at the top of our lungs for the police to be more stringent and active (The lethargic buggers need to wake up).

Quick questions, before I go further.
  • Do you always stop for the traffic light when crossing a road?
  • Have you ever complained against someone charging you more than the MRP for some product?
  • Have you ever really gone out of your way to prevent injustice? (It may even be haggling with an autowallah to get a tourist a fair price); and of course,
  • Do you always pay full and correct taxes?
If all your answers are yes, then aap toh champion ho boss.

If not, then I hope you get my point. We forget the smallest of things. We forget that the above are our duties as citizens (and many more). We simply blame it all on the government and the police.
I dont say that they are working properly, and it is through protests like the ones we are seeing today that we can wake them up and tell them ki aisa nahi chalega. You either work properly or GTFO.

We need to conserve this anger and impatience and turn into a better society. We all need to work together to build a better Delhi (and India). Society is built brick by brick. If the foundations and the basics are not solid, then we will crumble and fall down on our faces.

Lets wake up as citizens of this beautiful country. Its time for societal evolution.


More by :  Rahul Jain

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Comment Thank you Sir for such positive feedback :)

01-Jan-2014 21:09 PM

Comment well wriiten ... and excellent thinking ... its time to look on our self too then blaming on system

Gaurav Rawat
29-Dec-2012 03:57 AM

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