Ted & Ally

The chill wind hit her on the face, she was shocked into reality.

Walking amongst the crowd, the street was alive with tooting of horns and people scurrying about.

What was it she was thinking about, not of him again? Why, must there be so much happening to her at this time of year, it was soon to be “New Year” day, and she didn’t have any idea of what she’d do to celebrate the most loveliest time of year.

She was told to think of a new life, living in the city, and work amongst the big wigs. She was one of the brightest people in her profession. She had been all over the country with her inventive ideas. Still the pain took hold of her, being left, with the slam of a door, the end of her world. He didn’t want to be her shadow, loving wasn’t enough, he’d said. She pleaded and begged, still it wasn’t enough. He wanted more.


No, she couldn’t give more, he wanted the universe, she thought. Ally was sad, anger mixed with regret. Although she was suffering, her face didn’t show it. When she got to the office, she was deluged with work and people storming her work space.

Ally Stern, was the most sought after person. She went to work, and worked into the wee hours of the night. She finally got the mountain of papers down to a reasonable size. She sighed and looked around her. She was the only one in the office.

Oh, no, I have to get away from my thoughts, the gloom and doom that would not leave her, alone.

I hate being alone, she thought to herself. Why can’t I find love? A friend to turn to, fame and acclaim didn’t fulfill her. Mother had told her, many years ago, that you have to love being “you “ and find comfort in aloneness.

She wanted to, but felt empty, where to now?

She wandered the street till she came to a place filled with people, another bar, another rowdy place, but it would have to do. She was met with a rowdy group, singing and enjoying the night out. She went to a corner of the room, a shadow in the crowd, she thought. Suddenly she heard a voice, a man’s voice. And was jerked into the now.

“May I get you a drink or something?” She couldn’t see his face; it was at the table next to hers.

“Oh, I am not sure what to order, let me think about it for a bit. Thanks anyway.”

“I know, I am but a stranger in the night, seeking a face, but naught to find it at comfort’s door.” He said it poetically.

It made her smile. There, she could at least show appreciation for his try at being kind.

“I think I would like to have what you’re having, please.”

He was gone in an instant, and then appeared with two drinks, “May I sit here?” He pointed at the chair on the other side of the table. She consented. He sounded nice enough; still, she was unable to see his face.

She took a sip of the drink, mmmmm it was heavenly. It warmed her from top to toe. She needed this and he seemed to know it. It also made her feel giddy and helped to alleviate the pain she felt for ever so long.

“Thanks for the drink, it’s great. Is it a secret formula?” She asked flirtatiously.

He flirted back, “Ah, it is to mend all that troubles the soul. Would another one take away the woe?”

She shook her head, “No, one will do, or I shall never be able to find my home.”

“I’ll whisk you away to the stars, let me take you there.”

She was feeling whole again, it was just what she needed, a friendly person, who felt like she did. Alone.

She still couldn’t see his face, but could imagine a kindly one.

She thanked him for the drink and then left.

It was another day at the office. But felt refreshed and work was not tedious nor was it overwhelming. Her outlook was brighter. The nice guy at the bar, she kept thinking of him. She hoped to meet him again.

High up above the city, he sat, wondering about the lady he met. She was lithesome, lovely, and held something he had been looking for since his failed marriage.

Ted Dawson, the tycoon, had been to one end of the country and back and never came upon such a meeting such as this. A woman who walked into a dingy bar, like an angel in the night.

She was not one who frequented a place such as this. And yet she made him feel comfortable.

“Ms Stern, a voice rang out to her.”

“Yes, she swirled around.”

The voice, sounded familiar, but the face, a handsome face, one which held experience and class was new to her.

“Have we been properly introduced?” She replied with a smile on her face.

“Ted Dawson at your service, madam.”

“How on earth did you find me?”

“I have resources; I checked out the whole city and found you in the least likely place.”

“Facebook?” She asked kiddingly.

“Well, that’s close; I didn’t know you were one of my employees. Why in the devil have I never seen or met you?”

“I am that little mouse that hides in closets.” She replied giggling like a school girl. “We do not mingle in high places, didn’t you know?”

“We’ll have to do something about that.” He responded.

The office was all a twitter when they found out that Ally and Ted had met and that they were going to marry someday.

The rumor was that he had gotten her a ring.

They kept looking for one, but she never spoke of it, or divulged it to anyone.

He would visit the office and mingled with the staff. From then on, it was a friendlier place.

New Year’s Day came and went, in mid year, he proposed to her. She still worked for the firm, but in a higher level, he knew she had fantastic ideas,

The company prospered and so did Ted and Ally.


More by :  Maria Reed-Shore

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