The Uncertainity of Our Lives in This Country!

India and the Indians prove it again and again.

Massive outbursts for a few days and then fall silent to whatever happens around have become common phenomena now. Earlier it was Anna Hazare’s protest against corruption in public life and now the moral of the society! One can ask what else the population do? True. The huge demonstrations, raising slogans against the government, creating ruckus with the police, lighting candles and shedding copious tears are never going to solve the problem of the so-called ‘rape’!

It could be very well seen that cases of rapes of a girl child of three year old to forty year or in some freak cases 80 year old too reported in the media! The press and the media also publish them with impunity thinking they are ‘educating’ the public! Shame! In fact, it is the media responsible for most of these maladies!

Why cry hoarse for the rape and death of this ‘unknown sister’ only! Everyday in this philosophical, culturally superior country hundreds of women are raped legally and illegally! This big hullabaloo in Delhi and the rest of the country is just another show of the undisciplined Indian masses!

If they are really conscious they will keep their ambience clean and neat, respect moral values, obey the rules, procreate less, and do their duty with commitment. But, I find in India, most of the time, the public and the press speak only about the ‘Rights’ and not the ‘Duties’! So each Indian citizen does whatever he/she likes and goes scot free! Only the unfortunate souls get the punishments!

It is true that life and what is next in every one’s life is uncertain! But it is more uncertainin India because of its chaotic, amoral and lawless society! No other country in this world will give this much of freedom to the public and allow them to walk away with every criminal act. One need not be surprised that one day India becomes popular (notorious?) place for the other country men for executing any criminal act and go free without punishment!


More by :  G Swaminathan

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