The Tirade Against Forward Castes!

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance -Einstein

In India it has become a fashion for the last many years to berate "forward castes". Now a days it has reached ridiculous proportions.

The great news: engaging in corruption brings out social equality. Decided unilaterly by intellectuals at Jaipur Literary Festival and accordingly they stated and many things followed.

If Mr. Ashish Nandy wanted to say what he said he is free to say. Why he should bring in forward castes into the picture. Did he mean to say that all forwaed caste paople are the leaders of all ills, financial, economic, social and the like in India? How can he make such a ridiculous statement? May be he is sure that no forward caste people will confront him as he is now being hunted. Who gave him that information that forward caste people are all corrupt, criminal minded and they led rest of the sections to crimes, corruption and the like? How blasphemous it is! Are forward caste citizens the villains and anti-social elements of India? 

In India it is the terriority of politicians to divide citizens in the name of all divisions and catch votes and also give false promises of alms and that they bring in equality. Equality of what? Is it considering the professions of the fathers, grand fathers and great grand fathers of the applicant to give a seat in educational institutes or jobs and not the academic merit of the individual? How dangerously the politicians usurped the constitutional welfare measure of few years to make it a permanent vote catching device and also brought many sections into it. It has now become national pastime to claim to be weak and backward to be considered without merit or deserving qualifications for everything, to be people's representatives, get seats in educational insitutions, jobs and many social welfare benefits. How it weakens, has been weakening and will weaken the society, is the bitter experience of the nation.

In India intellectuals are doing more harm to society than counseling objectively and guiding it. They want to impose their perspective without caring for its truth, wisdom and commonsense content. They condemn tradition and age-old wisdom. Many of them live in ideological ivory towers and have little awareness of ground realities. They form an exclusive club of themselves and arrogate themselves ridiculing anything ancient and support popular causes than just causes and pat one another for their utterances.

They many times appear as mirror images of vested-interested politicians, by copying their vocabulary and vote catching slogans and try to occupy social justice plank. In India rationalism means atheism, communism, anti-Brahminism, anti-forward castes and pro weaker and backward sections. They recklessly blame so called "forward" caste people for all ills of the and in the society. But they fail to notice that in rest of the world there is no Brahmanism or Brahmins or forward castes but other countries are also suffering from same ills as Indians.

So what should be the remedy?

The remedy does not lie in baiting for every ill, Brahmins, forward caste people or ancient wisdom. Let them think positively coming out of their cage of hatred and ignorance. All are not good; all are not bad. Forward caste people are not demons or others angels. An intellectual objectively observes and concludes sans prejudice for this or that. An honest intellectual never allows his personal likes or dislikes cloud his perception and judgment.

Let us be and have honest intellectuals and not prejudiced and ignorant individuals with closed minds amongst us.

In India super censorship also exists. The politicians dance to the tune of certain sections of citizens in the hope of garnering their votes. They make one section pounce on the other in the name of caste, religion, region, language, ideology and side one section depending on their current vote-casting numbers and trends. Individuals, especially forward caste people, are made to be deprived of their fundamental rights; justice is being denied to forward caste citizens in the name of social justice; these politicians pretending to perform their duty and taking responsibility of the weaker and the under-previliged are doing more disservice to the nation. Now "intellectuals" have joined them more openly. 

Politicians are great actors. they enact all emotions for the weaker and the backward and none for the "forward caste" citizens. None can touch these actors. Cine artistes or drama artistes can never match our politicians in action and enactment of love and affection for this or that section of citizens but never are patriotic and hardly work for the name, fame of the nation and well-being of all citizens. To catch votes they even behave anti-nationally. They do not know how others laugh for their foolishness and greed and take advantage to belittle the nation.

Let us enjoy the entertainment provided by the actor-politicians with anguish some times, with anger sometimes and never with the resolution of ending the drama of these foul-mouthed and traitor- politicians. Then none can help us.

In the anxiety to include every one, the standards of learning, scientific research, intellectual acumen, literary and artistic creation, all levels of education and administration and representing citizens are given a go by. How can such a nation prosper?

Nations become prosperous and developed in all senses when efficient individuals are at the helm of affairs.

It is disastrous for a nation to encourage and pamper many to claim weak, backward; and demand government to take care of them sacrificing efficiency.

Nations are strong because of their patriotic citizens who contribute to national progress by their efficient participation in nation-building; and not by the citizens who ask for alms as if it is their birth right. A mere 10% of efficient citizens can not take care of remaining weak and backward citizens.

Such a nation reels under the burden of lazy and inefficient characters

Let every citizen be taken care of with love, affection and compassion; and never none should divide them among themselves and make one section to deride another; or one section attack the other; one section unjustly claim for attention of the governments based on unjust justices. Let all citizens be given everything. Just not certain pampered sections of people, for the selfish purpose of getting votes and amass money in all possible illegal and illigimate ways.

Forward caste citizens in India are part and parcel of India. They started and built many disciplines; they contributed to various fields. Let them be not made as exiles as Kashmiri Pandits, Jews of deadlier times, deriding them and depriving them of government attention, as they are also citizens of the nation. They are not second rate or lower rate citizens. They are paying taxes, providing what all the nation wants and needs; they are contibuting to the nation and are never asking for alms from the government. They are building the nation. Do not play with their feelings, lives and intellectual geniuses. They will become torrents, storms, wild fires, and natural disturbances of all kinds if provoked with loose and hurting talk and comments.

Let the tirade against forward castes stop herewith here and now.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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