Stress, Death and Rebirth

One of the worst kinds of stress; results from imminent death. We feel stressed even with the thought of our death; or that of our near and dear ones. Usually we remain occupied in something or other; and keep on escaping from such thoughts, calling them “negative”.

We are not only afraid of death, but we are afraid of rebirth; as it forces us into; an unknown, unforeseen and possibly painful life!

The fear of death is actually a sensation that results from autonomic outflow (impulses) causing visceral activities; such as pain in the chest, throbbing of heart, sinking of stomach, cold clammy extremities, and giddiness due to reduction in blood supply; causing terrible sensation. We suffer from this fear; because; ‘we’ are inseparable from body and the various sensory experiences associated with it!

Actually; our body cells are ‘dead’ and new cells are ‘born’ from time to time. Even our passions, emotions and thoughts are ‘dead’ and ‘born’! But we remain the same individuals!

Thus; in spite of our association with the changing existence, we are actually; the changeless backdrop, background or substratum, on which the changing cells, tissues, bodies, and feelings are born, grown and perish. The consciousness is constant and the cycles of death, birth, death and rebirth continue on and within it! In fact; the birth and rebirth; as we see and perceive; are the product of our physiological senses, our cerebral cortical capabilities and their limitations; and hence are ‘subjective relative reality’ i.e. Maya. The consciousness i.e. true ‘I’; however “exists” beyond even the concept of ‘existence’!

The death and birth per se need no proof as “we” talk about the “death or birth” of “bodies” of others, which “we” witness every now and then!

But we seek experimental or laboratory proof of the birth, death and rebirth; of the same ‘I’, ‘she’ or ‘he’!

This needs an accurate identification, definition and understanding of that ‘I’, ‘she or ‘he’ i.e. individual consciousness; as a separate entity! So far; we do not have such a gadget. Moreover; ‘our consciousness’ i.e. ‘we’; cannot capture or comprehend ‘our consciousness’ i.e. ‘we’; in its entirety. “Our consciousness” cannot identify or demonstrate “our consciousness”; as a separate entity; to “our own consciousness”! Hence currently; it is not possible to “prove”; “our” birth, death and rebirth!

However; can “we” identify ourselves; and witness these otherwise mysterious and esoteric aspects of birth, death, rebirth and immortality; within “ourselves”; through the practice of Namasmaran? Even though this is a conviction/experience; of many saints and seers; it is better not to believe or disbelieve in it blindly; but verify!


More by :  Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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