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The Muse in My Salad Days by Gargi Saha

The Muse In My Salad Days is a unique poetic literature created for all sort of readers, touches upon tributes, friendship, nature, society, emotions, school life, native festivals, human values, motivation, childhood, divinity and patriotism. Gargi Saha can be extremely proud for adding this piece as the value to the Indian English Literature.

The Muse In My Salad Days is simple, occupied, earnest, enlightening and motivational are the feelings of my parents, shared to me as I heard about this book being sent to me for review.

It is astonishing to learn through the book that this literature has been beautifully woven by the twenty years old, which began at the age of seven years. The preface by the author creates an imagination in the reader’s mind through the word painting of her entry into the poetry at the childhood and her motivation for it.

Author’s preface could be summed up by her two lines,

“I will be happy if the readers spare some time in going through this book and derive some satisfaction.”

The foreword by her Uncles and Aunts stamps the inborn talent of the poet and also involves us through the roller coaster part of the poet’s life that spirited in publishing this book as a tribute to Gargi by them. What they have wished a decade ago has come true now,

“We hope that she will continue to enrich the poetic literature in days to come.”

The Muse in My Salad Days journey us back to our childhood days and brings back its essence like enthusiasm, little worries, astonishment and love for nature. It also leaves us to reflect upon our adolescent period.

The natural flow of words, in rhythmic style, from the true heart of the child poet gives every poem a spiritual shade. It makes the reader understand the ultimate truth, get deeply soaked in the poet’s world of nature, sweat for exams and results, and enlightening cerebration.

Her love for teachers and Mother Teresa has been deeply reflected through her tributes written at various periods of her childhood life.

“Teacher’s day will come and go,
But your importance will never be low.”
Poet’s deep love and respect for Mother Teresa is evident through the following lines.
“The world will anguish at an angle’s miss
May her immortal, spotless soul rest in peace.”
“A countless times I bow down before you, oh mother!”
“Her name will be written in God’s book with gold”
Poems like Success, Feat, The Gist of Moksha, Good Character, Happiness and Think motivates the reader and enlightens with inspirational words and provides positive vibration,
“The true art of memory lies in the art of attention.”
“Never take rest
Until good becomes better and better becomes best.”
Poet’s passion for nature is evident through verses like The Free Blue Road, The Rainbow, Morning Charm and Greenery of Life,
“A bunch of flows as a gift
Gives my soul a tremendous life.”
The public experience of poet’s life has been echoed on poems like At the Railway Station and In the Market,
“Their journey begins happily,
And I return home to make a note of the experiences quickly.”
The sad events in poet’s life have been autobiographically versed in Grief,
“On 27th Dec 1995 I met with an accident, . . .”
Paradox to Women’s Wishes and Oh Girl question the sacred traditions impinged upon women, leaves them to live a restricted life and against their heartfelt wishes.
“But I happened to be a girl with all the
Tasks and responsibilities burdened.”
“Oh girl, you are what an unfortunate being!”
Poet’s vast knowledge at an adolescent age lights up through her concern for India’s poverty, life of an orphan and India’s progress post-independence.
“Are we Indian women today diametrically free?
Are our minds free from the bonds and shackles of ignorance?”
Poet’s realization of God is expressed in verses like Devotion and God : A Prayer.
“If God is for us who can be against us?”
“Devotion comes from within . . .”
All in all, this poetic literature is a must read for children and youngsters to gain wisdom to face the various challenges in life.
Also, I loved the two-liner hand written for me at the front page by Gargi,
“Reach high for stars lie hidden in your soul,
Dream deep of each dream precedes the goal.”
Congratulations and All the Best for Gargi to treat us with many more books of poetic literature.
[The Muse in My Salad Days by Gargi Saha
has been published by Nilachal Press, Calcutta and availabe for Rs. 30/-].



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