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Paradip to Chandrabhaga Seabeach, Konark, Orissa

An expression that says it all.

While trekking the coastal area from Paradip to Chandrabhaga Seacbeach, Konark, Orissa, one cannot help but take a peep into the life of the people and their culture.  Here are some images captured during our trek that speak volumes about life in this part of phenomenal India.

Old Man and his Hut on the bank of Lake

Curious Village Folk at Nuliasahi Ghaotkaca

Curious villagers seeing us off as we board the truck

Gundalba Village – every house keep cows

Image of Goddess Lakshmi, Gundalba Village

British House at Gundalba Village

Old man and woman at Gundalba Village

Village girl at Gundalba Village

Woman between Lions at the base of the dome – Sahadavedi Jagannath Temple

Members resting on the stair of Jagannath Temple, Sahadavedi Village

Gangadevi Temple at Sahana Village

Depictions on Gangadevi Temple wall – Sahana Village


More by :  Indrajit Bandyopadhyay

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