Stress and Progress

Mismanagement of stress; manifests in defective, perception, feelings and actions.

Due to defective perception; there is deterioration of values. For example; we are oblivious of our conscience and misunderstand the very meaning of progress and well being. Thus; we do not consider the harmony, honesty, punctuality, discipline, accountability, tolerance, and physical and material conditions conducive to this; in individual and social life; to measure or assess the individual, national and global progress! We measure or assess it; on the basis of; income, achievements, positions of power, number and variety of luxury items, military power and so on!
Due to deterioration of feelings we have no enthusiasm to think about the individual, national and global stress; and its management! Instead; we are obsessed with petty pursuits (again; oblivious of our conscience); to increase the per capita income, accomplish achievements, get positions of power, increase the production and sale of luxury items, increase the military power, or simply to engage in delirious entertainment; irrespective of; or at the cost of other individuals and countries.

Deterioration of our actions; is evident in piecemeal and/or sectarian and hence defective policies, planning, programs and their implementation. For example; our education policy does not have an element of holistic blossoming, our planning and programs do not provide for empowering education; but heavily provide money for wasteful parasitic education and crippling caste based reservations; and subsequently and eventually; our implementation is not honest; but understandably corrupt!

Similar examples can be observed in other fields as well!

Whether we are atheists or theists; whether we belong to one religion or another, whether we subscribe to one ideology or another; and whether we practice and propagate; Namasmaran (Jap, Jaap, Jikra, Sumiran, Simaran i.e. remembering the name of God or true self) or not; these points cannot be ignored; in the best interest of personal, national and global progress.


More by :  Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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