Brain Drain

Thiru Kamal Hasan Ji.


You have made public your desire to emigrate out of India and settle in a country where ‘Vishwaroopam’ could be screened non stop without the kind of squabble it is involved in, in India. In other words, you are highly annoyed and rightly so. You also announced that you have nothing to lose as you have already mortgaged/sold everything you once possessed to make this ‘Vishwaroopam’. What a roopam of Bharat ! So you believe, it is time to move out and see the Vishwa, Vishwa is the place, your global oyster.

Sometime back, this had happened with the great painter M.F. Hussain. He too made a similar declaration and also implemented and went and spent last days of his brilliant painting career in the comfortable opulence of Qatar.

Encouraged by this trend, I find, of late, people are not letting me write whatever I want to write. I have noticed from the corner of my eye, people yawning while I am reciting my short poem of 162 Stanzas. India, I find is not conducive to creative ‘genius’ like us. India is no more receptive to flourishing rather overflowing talent of ours. I am already feeling the pinch of it.

I have filled reams and reams of paper but no one is taking notice nor threatening to drag me to court. There is no demonstration either in front of my house or vandalism in my office. I am feeling so low and ignored. I remain dismally anonymous ‘Aam Admi’ a mango man out of season. Oh! How I wish to be a Page 3 celebrity. It is ‘My Ambition in Life’ kind of a thing.

At one time, I seriously thought of collecting my ‘rejection slips’ sent to me by the Editors of various journals ranging from international glossy magazines to the souvenir of Resident Welfare Associations to declare my intention of leaving this country but my well wishers counseled me that this will not help. There are many authors with many more rejection slips and still slipped to oblivion. They have assured me I am much better off as I am well-known as devil among my creditors, shopkeepers and bank included.

Hussain Saab had necessary wherewithal, with dhak… dhak as icing to immigrate to whatever country he fancied. Similarly, Et Tu Kamal Hasan have had your VANI heard by both the CMs - that is, Chief Minister and Common Men.

It is in India only that the Indians are somewhat stoppable. Outside India, they continue to be called and behave as Unstoppable Indians. So wherever you go you will be welcomed with ‘Sigappu Rojakkal’ (Red Rose). Just pause and think which land a creative genius like me and you to emigrate to. Is there any such land on the face of our earth where there would be customers available to watch your Vishwaroopam and listen to my short and not so short poetry discourses?

Rousseau once said “Man is born free but everywhere he is chains”

Kamal Hasan Saar! Is it possible to ‘make’ India itself the country you intend migrating to? Therein lays your genius

Polaama !

Yours faithfully,

A fan
From: Hindi Heart Land


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Comment You have all the freedom of speech in the world as long as you don't hurt somebody's sentiments. I feel we are becoming overly sensitive (read whiny babies!!) and are losing our funny bone too!

and your Saar reminded me of Chennai Autowalas. Great Job. Loved it

nitin chaudhary
02-Nov-2014 14:29 PM

Comment Very Nice!!

Megha Mandoria
29-Jun-2013 07:27 AM

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