How Long?

I am surprised at the comments of some politicians on the hanging of Afzal Guru and even likening it to vote bank interests. Although  the present government is not the most incorruptible of all, but to impugn all the time motives to its actions stirs the hornet's nest, especially on sensitive matters like this. There was almost panic that there would be a violent backlash in some states. But this did not happen.

As I have always been saying, we are dividing societies and not creating prophylactics for them. There cannot be animosity among individuals on the basis of religion, colour or language. The animosity is because of whipping up sentiments, and creating wedges. This is indeed sad. If the law, which is meant to be a dynamic aspect of society, takes its own course, it is because we have an independent judiciary. But political leaders attaching motives related to elections is unfair. And if this would not have been done, the government would receive flak. And then the Chief Minister of a particular state also contributes to this controversy, making it sound like a ''we'' and ''they'' fight. This is most unfortunate, indeed sad. The common Indian does not like or relish such divides. What he wants is a peaceful life.

At every point our politicians muddle up issues, in their frenetic zeal to put down the rulers or the opposition. Can they come together on foothold, for the common cause of the country or the state? The Bombay happening in November 2008 was one of the most savage attacks on innocent humanity. It cannot, simply cannot be condoned. And if it cannot be condoned, then we have no recourse but to fall back upon the laws of the land. There is no question of ingratiating any one here.

It is amazing how our political leaders are  destroying a structure, an edifice, that of the country. In the process this brings suspicion, hatred and fratricidal tension. This is one of the sorriest state of affairs. Every leader seems to be shadowed by the wraith of fear. When will we have a gutsy arraignment to politics and to  good social practices.?

We are putting the clock back, reversing history, by denying certaing facts, and then dividing societies on the basis of prejudicial favours.

How long, O Lord how long?


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Comment Ananya Ji,

We are not only living in the era of the most corrupt governance, but also the era when the media is corrupt as well. for example, did you give thought where do such 'fears' originate -

[Quote] There was almost panic that there would be a violent backlash in some states [Unquote]

Do you think there could be violence in India beucase soe terrorist was punished ? Anyone who thinks so, should refer to the atmosphere reported from Pakistan and particularly from the village where Kasab belonged to, when Kasab was hanged just a few weeks before. People there rather did not want to talk about the incident, because it led them down on moral grounds.

When backlash did not start within Pakistan where religious extremists run almost a parallel government in some part of Pakistan, why and how can it start in India ?

The very idea that violence might errupt because some terrorist was punished - isn't itself an idea seeded into public's mind ?
And isn't such an exercise to propagate such ideas in public, itself is motivated out of dirty politics ?

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
11-Feb-2013 20:54 PM

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