Silence More Eloquent than Sound

In conventional sense silence could mean absence of sound or noise but in its profound sense it has a deeper meaning which relates us to our inner self.

One of the greatest gifts of god is our sense of awareness to tune in and tune out. Silence is about tuning in with our own self, in other words its a journey within. When we are in silence we hear the voice of inner soul and divine voices. When we hear the voice of our soul we experience the turbulence which continuously goes on in our mind.

The purpose of voice is to go beyond and to analyze the causes of mental turbulence because if we allow turbulence to remain static it harms our onward journey to higher goals. Whether there are road blocks and if so how to overcome them-we get autosuggestions as well.

In state of utter silence we hear divine voice which reminds us the presence of god within. It is the source of strength particularly in moments of crises either we feel lost in the crowd or lonely.

No relationship stands the test of! critical moments which at times unnerves us ' it can destabilize us mentally emotionally and even spiritually. Even when our faith or confidence is shaken-it is this divine voice which comes to our rescue. God within us ignites our dormant spirit to face the complex world with courage and confidence without wilting under its pressure. Only if take retreat into this zone of silence-we can have the feel of god and His grace.


More by :  H.C. Shukul

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