Is Anyone Guarding India?

Recently, provoked by remarks attributed to US Defence Secretary Mr. Chuck Hagel made during a speech he delivered in 2010 one wrote: “The truth is that as long as the corrupt foreign puppets that comprise our political class are not replaced by a new class with a new political culture it is futile to even discuss foreign policy.”

It is conceded that much of our security lapses may emanate from sheer incompetence. But after such lapses are discovered should not action to stem the rot by the government be swift and transparent? If the government ignores such lapses what is one to conclude?

After the above quoted passage appeared there was an exposure by senior and reputed journalist Mr. Sam Rajappa. He wrote that a reversal in India’s Sri Lanka policy was brought about by four civilian officers “whose primary objective was to promote the sphere of influence of China in the Indian Ocean rim States and keep the USA out. The PMO played along with this group”. Mr. Rajappa identified the four Indian officials as Mr. Shiv Shankar Menon, Mr. MK Narayanan, Ms. Nirupama Menon Rao and General Vijay Nambiar. All four named occupy very high and responsible posts. If Mr. Rajappa’s allegation is correct, what action has the government taken? If incorrect, should not the government forcefully rebut him?

The government instead remains silent.
What is one to conclude?

Yesterday the Times Now TV channel claimed to have in its possession a document that showed that an ISI operative successfully masqueraded as an Indian Army officer to telephone the area ACP of the Andhra Police and an NSG officer just moments after the Hyderabad blast. He called via a New Delhi number. The Indian officers shared crucial information related to movement of forces after the blast. Following this incident the Internal Security Chief sent a letter to all Chief Secretaries endorsing the IB note and warning all states of foreign penetration into Intelligence.

The ISI operative succeeded because the Indian officers did not observe the security protocol necessary to prevent transmission of such information over telephone. The question is: How much of this lapse was due to incompetence and how much due to subversion? Insofar as national security is concerned does it really matter? Are those who govern us at all concerned with national security? If not, are they criminally incompetent or subverted by hostile foreigners? More and more people have started asking such questions.  


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Comment A very disturbing article but many discerning observers are coming around to the authors views.The Communist/Marxist/Leftistst moles with Pro Chinese & Pro pakistani leanings & their Penetration of our Politics,Foreign Service, Security,Armed Forces is becoming very deep & alarming. China & Pakistan are spending large sums of Money in india to Buy these corrupt & Anti-National forces. Read about the Track 11 Diplomacy for Demilitarisation of Siachen & See how easily the Generals/Admirals/Air Marshals fell prey to Pakistan's Machinations on Siachen. That Indians are prone to Money power & Bribes is well known but to see the top Brass in the Armed forces & other wings of the Govt succumbing so easily & working against the National interest is Shameful to say the least. Late Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw in 1961 remarked that- The " KAUL BOYS" have taken over the Army. Had he been alive today he might have said that the " CALL BOYS " have taken over the Armed Forces & the National Security Establishment !!

06-Mar-2013 11:23 AM

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