The Seeds of Talent

Generally we speak about some artists as talented. What do we actually mean by talent and why we all are talented in some specific areas and why not in others.

We all are born in this world with all the same body, nobody has some special thing with him/her when they are born then why as we grow we become interested in some specific regions only.

We are born with the ability to achieve everything in this universe, the seeds of talent are already inside us and as we grow the circumstances and the conditions make us feel that these are the streams we are interested in and we actually start working towards it gaining success and increasing our knowledge. Many of us becomes good managers, lawyers, administrators, artists, singers and many more. This doesn't mean that one who is a good actor can't be a good musician. The person can become talented in every field he wants to, he just need to get involved in it. Seeds are always present within us unitll we die. It depends on us which seeds we want to nourish and make them a tree. Tht's the reason why we have different regions of specifications.

So if you just wanna learn any new thing just get involved in it. Seeds will definately start sprouting and keep on watering it, some day it will definately become a tree and we will possess the talent you want.

Remeber never underestimate yourself. You are born with extreme powers just become aware about it and go deep within.


More by :  Kunal Arora

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