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The Creation of One World by TA Ramesh

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Pertaining to the condition of the world today the author offers gems of wisdom from his experiences and philosophies to enrich the environment that we live in. According to Mr. Ramesh, all the ills that plague the world can be eradicated with the formation of a single cohesive whole. This oneness has to be implemented in all the fields – arts, science, commerce, ideologies, governance, etc.

Stating the need for all-round educational development, it is necessary to go back to the rich history of India, as all the answers and solutions can be found there. There is a great deal of truth in the ideologies of our seers and thinkers, and they should be implemented as much as possible. The writer has developed an all pronged approach to deal with the current problems that are threatening the entire world.

His search for the Utopia is rather farfetched, as that kind of unity cannot be accepted easily. However, these viewpoints can certainly be studied and a workable solution based on these issues can be arrived at. As a platform for further discussion, the notions expressed by the author are invaluable.

-Editor, Minerva Press, India

Another Review:

I was very interested to see the book, The Creation of One World, when I was visiting Pondicherry, India. I found it very interesting and wished to communicate with the author to share that I very much agree with his ideas. My book, The Promise of World Peace also reflects similar view that world peace and unity is inevitable, as well as some information on the Baha’i Faith which is working towards the spiritual unity of humanity through recognition of the oneness of God and the oneness of all religions.

-Tim Schaffter,


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