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Indo-European Rising: Azscara Zarathustra

Azsacra Zarathustra is not only a writer but a philosopher. He hails from Russia but his inclination towards India and oriental philosophy is widely seen. In his foreword of this book the author inspires us to be mentally strong. He quotes from Dr. K.B.Hedgewar, Sri Aurobindo and Veer Savarkar. This world has entered into a new era of universal consciousness awakening. All world has become a family. The author Zarathusastra has provided us 69 capsule to awake us for this new rising. He has given this new name Shunya Revolution to his new concept of rising. He wants that India and Europe should come closer in this new rising. The real condition to it is will power. "Yes I am the Aryan of Warlike Bharat. Veer Savarkar founder of the Hindutva and great revolutionary said the Aryans who settled in India at the dawn of history already formed a nation, now embodied in the Hindus." [pp13]

The author also wants the salvation of Tibet. Azscara believes that oriental philosophy and Hindu will power will save the world from spiritual degradation.The transcendental thinking can only Noumenal power. The author calls Hinduism an expression and much more. Sanatan Vedic Dharma is the oldest civilization of the world and the author accepts it and craves to propound it more. The author calls it power and our ancient caste system is the will to power the Shunya revolution will go in two directions both inside and in the concrete historical reality.

Heidegger analysed European Nihilism and will to power. The author propounds that absolute revolution will be the product of will power. It is the dharma of kshatriyas to destroy the negative things and bring the positiveness into the world. Azscara calls India the most ancient centres of Will power and it is the will power which is needed most in this world. This book is not just the book but the manifesto of rising of the whole world. Azscara Zarasthustra has filled the sea in the nut shell. His style of narrating the things in few words is marvellous. The author is successful in presenting his philosophy with support of other philosophers. This book is must reading for all avid readers. I hope many more books will be produced by Azscara Zarathusastra.


More by :  Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma

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