What Men Want?

Many men often ask in a sarcastic way about what women want. On the other hand for most women it is life’s biggest mystery, “What men want.” Men are motivated by many factors in life, including sex (most important), attention, and appreciation. Under these obvious needs are less obvious ones like threat, competition and social recognition. I think in most men many of these tendencies do exist. While men tend to like different kinds of women, they don’t necessary want a woman who is popular with the majority of men. The root cause of this feeling comes from the uncertainty a man may have when he has sex with a woman who’s desired by many men. This is unlike women, who often rate their own guy by the opinions of other women.
There are men on top of the pyramid and men on the bottom. The men on the top are those who have attained success (money, recognition, fame) and are more likely to attract women, multiply and spread their genes. The men on the bottom, because they never took risks would taste minimal success with women. If history is to be believed then men are willing to go any length to get the woman they want to be with. Men are also inclined to be a part of larger, intimate groups because in such groups a man stands the best chance to combine his efforts and become successful. I remember a scene from the movie, “Rock On” where Arjun Rampal choses to perform with his band instead of accepting an offer to perform on the cruise as he believes that his chances of getting success are higher with his boys.
I wanted to spend my life trying to make a name for myself. I realized that women were content with making a name for themselves within their own intimate connections with family and friends.
I never wanted to be manipulative with my woman and I always wanted respect and admiration for any accomplishments I chose to share with her, however large or small. I infact loved it when she looked at a collage I was making for my boys (Rocco and Mojo) and said that I was very creative and thoughtful.
Most men take pride in their work and often value themselves according to their career accomplishments. I feel that when you are honest and sometimes massage the ego of your partner, it sets the tone for the successful future of a relationship.  “Honesty is an important component in any relationship.”  
Having a good sense of humor is one of the most valuable qualities to have; people appreciate those who have the ability to see the lighter side of things. I like women who don’t take things too seriously. I consider it one more asset. A similar sense of humor helps in having a happy, well-adjusted relationship. If my woman cannot understand and appreciate my sense of humor not only is a connection not being made between the two of us, but as many men attach a good sense of humor to their egos, some may feel bruised by one’s lack of appreciation.
In the end what men and women want is the same thing. A whole partner.


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