Viswaroopam: Grisly and Confusing

It has become customary to comment on technical wizardry and camera angles leaving the story narration part of any big budget or popular star movies today. Kamal Hassan’s much talked ‘Viswaroopam’ is just an egoistic adoption of Hollywood stunt films with a wafer thin story line. Conversely, ‘Viswaroopam’ tries to tell a load of uncommon and irrelevant (to any common man) information like ‘nuclear oncology’, ‘Faraday Shields’, ‘Kathak dance’, ‘Cesium radiation’, a lot of violence and spilling and free flowing blood and jihadist connected by an absolutely chaotic screenplay.

Even an avid movie-goer and Kamal Hassan’s ardent fan, I felt really at a loss to understand this particular film’s story thread and connectivity while how many of the critics and common movie watchers showering encomiums on this film. 
True, the movie had created a hell of a lot of hullabaloo in Tamil Nadu since it is said to hurt the sentiments of a particular religion. But what about the positive insults piled on Brahmin community with ribald humor in the same movie? Well, since Kamal himself is a Brahmin, and basically Brahmins are tolerant everyone kept quiet. The women characters were just props in this melee. 
This film is such a visual horror because one finds invariably someone’s throat is slit, hands chopped, someone being hanged in public to the view of the public, many are shot in close quarters and a lot of fire and explosion, suicide bombing by children, a host of disturbingly sick people who is said to be suffering from cancer and the list can go endless. 
What is the objective of the movie Mr. Kamal Hassan, education, entertainment or to create sickening feeling for the viewers? 
The movie ends with a message of a sequel to this since the villains are not annihilated. I dread to think of the more dreary experience that could come in the form of ‘Viswaroopam 2’. 
This ‘Viswaroopam’ (magnificent form) is nothing but ‘Viroopam’ (grotesque). 


More by :  Devavratan Kaundinya

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