The Bill

Marathi Original by Acharya Atre

Dinesh is an eight years boy. His mother calls him “Dinoo” affectionately. Dinesh’s father is a Doctor. Dinesh frequently goes to the hospital with his father and will be observing everything there. Many people will be coming to the hospital. Some come for treatment. Some come for medicines. Some say “I am having severe stomach ache, please examine me doctor”.

Some other person comes and says “Doctor, What is the amount of my bill? Please verify and let me know”. Sitting in the chair, Dinesh hears all these conversations. He could understand everything but could not understand what bill is.

“Daddy, what is the meaning of the word “bill?”- one day he asked his father. Then his father took a paper from the drawer and said : ”See, Dinoo, This is the bill. Read it”. Dinesh read it. There the following is written.

Particulars:                  Rs. P.
For treatment:              10-00
For two house visits:    25-00
For medicines:             30-00

Total:                          45-00

Dinesh spent a lot of time reading that bill. He smiled while reading. A thought struck him.

While going home, his mind is completely filled with thoughts about bill. He is not getting any other thought. He thought over it like this “When father gives bill to the patients, the patients give money to daddy. That means they are giving money to daddy for what he has done to them. I did many works for mummy. But she never gave me money. “Why shouldn’t I prepare a bill to give mummy? Then she gives me money. I can buy chocolates with that money and eat them!” Thinking like this he entered his room.

Particulars:                                             Rs. P.
For fetching flowers from the garden       2-00
For taking lessons to younger brother       5-00
For conveying information to aunty          2-00
For bringing sugar from the shop             0-50

Total:                                                    9-50

After preparing a bill like this, he went to mummy’s room and put the bill there.

Next day morning when he woke up he found some money and a paper there beside his bed. He counted the money and put it in his pocket. Then he opened the paper and saw eagerly what it contained. What is written on that paper? Mummy has prepared a bill for Dinoo.

Particulars:                                                    Rs. P.

For bringing up since infancy                     Need not pay
For serving and taking care during illness    Need not pay
For entertaining with stories etc.,               Need not pay
For teaching lessons                                 Need not pay

Total:                                                      Need not pay any thing

The paper has dropped from Dinoo’s hand. His eyes are filled with tears. He could not speak. His voice choked and he became dumb. Holding the money in his hand he ran to his mother. While tears are rolling through his cheeks, he silently gave back the money to his mother and put his head on her thighs and wept uncontrollably.

Mummy has hugged him with affection. She kissed his face and said “This is the payment for your bill and nothing else.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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